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Food: Park Avenue XIX Paris

By September 29, 2014April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Paris is the city of many things; love, history, creativity, and definitely food.

ParkAvenueXIXParis 1


During my last trek through the city, I had the opportunity to try a few cafes off the tourist path. I found this neighborhood cafe, Park Avenue XIX, as it was directly across the street from our hotel. It was the signage and the plentiful outdoor seating that drew us over.

Once inside, I was surprised with how spacious and hip the restaurant was. It was a bit jazzier than a traditional pub. It had a spark of sophistication and class; more than a place to grab a beer and burger. We did that, but the atmosphere was more than that. You get the picture right? Right!

ParkAvenueXIX Paris 3

ParkAvenueXIX Paris 2


ParkAvenueXIX Paris 4

On our last evening together, we ended the festivities with a bang; and a cup of hot chocolate.

Guess who had that?

ParkAvenueXIX Paris 6

Of course, I ordered my favorite and staple burger. By this point in the trip, I think I’d had fries (chips) every single day on the tour. LOL They hit the spot, as with the side salad, and generous burger.

ParkAvenueXIX Paris 7

Park Avenue XIX was an ordinary feel good pub. It’s flanked with TVs, good food, spirits, and people. When in the mood for something regular, pubs are it. When in the mood for something regular in Paris, Park Avenue XIX is your spot.

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