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Founding Farmers in Washington DC

By August 26, 2013April 1st, 2020Travel + Culture
We saw, we ate, and we…..

This post only gives a hint into how much we loved the meal at Founding Farmers.
We dined at the location near BO and MO’s house at 1924 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.
As with most DC area restaurants, parking can be a challenge but if you dine after rush hour, there are street spots available.
We begin with a variety of appetizers:
Oven Roasted Cracked Black Pepper Wings
Skillet Corn Bread
Maple Sage Popcorn
The wings were absolutely amazing. They were flavorful, tender, and appropriately spiced. The hints of fire and tang were a perfect combination to get the food party started. The cornbread just sang notes of southern charm. Being that all of us are southern belles, we wanted the moist taste to blend with the drizzles of honey and butter. There’s no better taste than hot, pipping, cornbread.The popcorn was OK but was a bit of a miss. By the time it arrived to the table, it was cold and somewhat stale. I think the combination of maple and sage would have been a hit if the bucket was fresh.
The Entrees
Devil-ish Eggs Combo
Chicken & Waffles with a side of Mac/Cheese with Green Beans
 Skirt Steak with Enchilada
True Chef Salad

My apologies for the pictures; I couldn’t manage to snap appealing shots to save my tummy but please trust me when I say the food was delicious.

I ordered the Chicken & Waffles and it did not disappoint. The chicken was perfectly seasoned, golden, crispy and mouth watering. The dish came loaded with two large pieces of chicken; breast and thigh, waffle fourths, a self selected side, and mac/cheese. I felt like I enjoyed a Sunday Dinner with grandma in the old south. All I needed was a helping of ice tea and a cool fan blowing in against my face.
The other members in my group enjoyed their entrees all well. I wanted to taste the devilish eggs but they were loaded with seafood and I am very allergic. I did snag a small bite of the enchilada. It was tasty and loaded with cheese; awesomeness.
The finale
We were all far too full to have individual desserts to we decided to share this red velvet delight as a team. The flavors were rich and the fourth of a slice was the perfect ending to an amazing meal.
Founding Farmers is a definitely on my list of places to dine over and over again.

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