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Gaming Social Media

By July 30, 2015April 20th, 2017Blog + Business



Gaming social media has become a tactic that many bloggers use to increase their numbers in order to become attractive to sponsors.

Gaming social media has become increasingly popular among bloggers as a method to compete with “big bloggers”. Many new or mid-stride bloggers are searching for success with the use of Facebook Blog Groups. Social media gaming groups such as “Awesome Bloggers” or “Promote Your Website” entice bloggers with daily gaming threads to increase numbers throughout social media.

As a person who has blogged for quite some time, I’ve seen my numbers through the roof and also at the bottom of the tank. After I changed my blog’s name (50-11 times I might add) from Her Perfect Black Dress, my readership has been all over the place but consistent. For me, consistent wasn’t good enough, I wanted top numbers again. As I chatted about this with one of my Atlanta Blog Pals, she told me about blog community groups. For the most part, I liked two of the groups that she introduced me to. I met a group of new bloggers but I also was introduced to the “Skid Row of Blogging“, gaming groups.

When I first fell upon “skid row”, I was spending hours upon hours clicking, reposting, giving feedback and commenting on blogs that I couldn’t care less about. It was exhausting and the actual return for me was zero.

..but I kept at it

…for months

…no real change

….just meaningless clicks

Gaming Social Media 2

Then I thought things would improve if I hired a virtual assistant. There are tons upon tons of “VA’s” on skid row lurking to “help” you game social media while they’re gaming your bank account. While there are some competent VA’s out there, ultimately, my investment didn’t turn out as fruitful as it should have. If you’re in the market for a VA, remember, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line, gaming social media kills your blog. You’re not earning or getting any authentic engagement. I don’t value comments like, “oh yeah, that’s good”, “that’s so pretty”, and “I agree”.  You’re not engaging with real people who care about your content. Many VA’s and social media gamers have miscellaneous boards with dummy accounts and that’s exactly where your content goes; the grave yard of social media where it just sits and wastes away.

If you want an organic following with readers who adore you and your work, stop gaming social media. There’s no winning. Social shares and support groups are one thing, but gaming social media is another. Release yourself and create good content, engage with your readers, seek blogs of interest, and share organically.

This post was inspired by #3 from Adventurous Kate’s Post on 15 Lessons From Turning My Travel Blog Into A Career.

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