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Patisseries in Abu Dhabi

By August 5, 2013April 2nd, 2020Travel + Culture

Oh dear, this sister loves to dine out; in every city, town, state, country, and continent, I will dine out.

As a frequent patron of the busy and famous Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, I had the opportunity to catch a bite to eat at Gerard Patisserie AKA Gerards. Gerards is on the 2nd floor near F21 Accessories and Tips ‘n Toes. After my relaxing time at Tips ‘n Toes, I grabbed a bite to eat before heading in.

Gerard Patisserie is usually pretty packed with men having coffee with pastries or families having a meal. On this day, a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was not as busy therefore it was a peaceful quiet lunch.

I remember craving a Caesar Salad and Pepsi; so that’s what I ordered.

What I received was entirely different!!!

This salad was loaded with everything that a chef’s, garden, and Caesar Salad would have and then some. The taste was OK but it certainly wasn’t what I had in mind. I was only able to finish a fourth of it.

I didn’t want to leave challenged by the fake me out Caesar Salad, so I decided to tease my tastes with the tried and true Chicken Alfredo Pasta. Le sigh.


It too was only OK. The cheese was very thick and the entree lacked taste. I added a bit of parmesan and black pepper but it only helped a slither.

Overall, the water quenched my thirst, I didn’t get the Pepsi I wanted, the Caesar Salad was more like a salad combo, and the pasta was bland. It’s a cute restaurant though, the staff was friendly
and the coffee was pretty good.




More than likely, I won’t try this restaurant again. There are far too many restaurants in Marina Mall and in Abu Dhabi to be challenged by sub par food.

What are you eating today?
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