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Give me the Tongue

By June 24, 2014March 16th, 2020Travel + Culture

Give me the Tongue

As a master eavesdropper and champion people watcher, one of my greatest pastimes is listening to conversations, especially in other languages. I love sitting in the midst of things and absorbing the relations of others. Passively engaging in the exchange and grasping for familiar linguistics makes me internally cozy and filled with a lingering query.

learn French quick _ Poised in Print _ Reginia Cordell

Give me the tongue

Paris is one of the world’s most beloved cities. Her bounty is referenced with an essence of romance and sophistication. Like its radiance, its language, French, is equally as appealing and my language love. When I was last in Paris, I snuggled closely to conversations throughout the city; inhaling each utterance and falling deeply in love with its master. It seemed as if each of their words were carefully crafted and modeled for my pleasure. The thrust of syntax anchored my position of linguistic lust. French, I adore you; I’m your number one fan.

learning italian _ Reginia Cordell _ Poised in Print

The day and direction of the breeze dictates the order of Italian flavor. Italian is my second favorite language of lust and fantasy. I find myself gazing at the plump lips of Italian men, dressed sharp as a knife, as their personal Italian breeze rests upon my face. My fascination with the language is coupled with adoration of its carriage of testosterone. When in Italy, speak Italian, if not, love an Italian man.


Mother tongue

English is the most diverse language in the world. Its basis has an irreplaceable and distinct dialect from sea to shining sea. Throughout my travels to English speaking countries, such as England and Australia, as well as my very own America, I find that I’m most kin to the southern American dialect. However, I have the biggest crush on accents from New York City.

My English cousins abroad, have their own versions of English that are equally fascinating. I understand Australian English the easiest and it’s paired with the charming colloquialisms that will extend conversations for hours. English from England is quite heavy. It’s dense like dark liquor. Listening to it makes my head spin instantly; good, bad, or indifferent; it’s the Queen’s English.


New Yorkers


Do you have a favorite language? Do you speak it or enjoy its blessings upon your ears?

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