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Good News Travels Fast

By September 19, 2014March 10th, 2020Archives

Good news travels fast!

I love the various blog series around the net that opens posts to readers to share what’s going on in their worlds. I’m taking a stab at the trend because I want to share but mostly, I want to hear from you.

Share three great things that you’ve encountered this week.

1. Reginia Cordell Designs – I’ve wrestled with the idea for a few months regarding graphic and blog design. I love the arts and I’m naturally creative. If I could have skipped the traditional college route and be a part of the arts, that would have been A-OK with me. Back when I went to college, graphic design nor various tech offerings weren’t readily available, so I took another route. Honestly, I didn’t know to be interested in that way back in the 90s. After many years of blogging and creating, I’m putting my hat in the graphic and web design ring. I’m slowly building the design site now for a January 2015 launch. Around Black Friday, I will be offering 5 free header makeovers, 3 free logo designs, and 1 free basic blog design. If you’re interested, do shoot an email. I haven’t decided if I’ll do an official giveaway, or a first come, first serve. If you want to be first to get a sneak peak of what’s in the works, is in the making. Do tell me what you think!


2. My sister! I don’t talk about my family too much, but you’ll see a FB Post every so often about my sister. I think she’s the greatest ever. She began her consulting firm about 2 years ago and have snagged some pretty good contracts. Just this week, she snagged a super contract with a major firm in San Francisco with major tech people. I’m tickled pink. I think I’m so excited to go out for a visit. She won’t have to move there, but just travel for work.

3. Photography. Last weekend, I went to a photography class. I really want to get to know my cameras in order to improve the quality of photos that I take. I’m a believer that the capture is the photographer but the quality is the camera. I’m motivated by my inner creativity and by all of your compliments. I appreciate your love of my captures and I hope to bring even better photos in the months to come.



Do you see the 8 AM start time and the sleepy look on my face? Yeah… but it was worth it.

What’s going on in your world?

Remember, if you’re interested in any of the promo design options mentioned above, do shoot me an email. Just that fast, I’ve decided I can’t deal with a random selection option right now. 🙂 …well maybe for the blog design but the others, NO.

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