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Saying Goodbye 2012

By January 1, 2013July 7th, 2021Archives
Saying, goodbye, the year was 2012.
The year of change.
In 2012, I moved abroad, traveled greater, and two become one.
It’s time to bid it adieu.
Good-bye 2012, hello 2013.
Two-thousand twelve was good to me.
Like really good. I created so many memories, have a ton of experienced, and began to see the world differently.
There were so many things that went well.


I’ve made new friends, have a new job, a loving fiancĂ©, and have traveled to some amazing places; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Rome, France, and all points along the East Coast.
I moved to a foreign land, sight unseen and hoped for the best.
…..and the best came and then some.
I want to continue to grow as a person, a soon-to-be wife, friend, sister, and daughter.
I will continue to travel, invest, start more businesses, and touch seven continents.
So long, thanks for being a fantastic year.

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