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Gourmet Sandwiches in Abu Dhabi

By September 2, 2013April 2nd, 2020Travel + Culture
Jones the Grocer is a popular gourmet cafe and located in the Khalidiya Area of Abu Dhabi.
Within the “western” sect, Jones the Grocer is an absolute must try. Therefore, on one sunny day, I went, I tried, and…


I found it to be the cutest cafe.
No one could quite explain the essence of Jones the Grocer so I didn’t know what to expect. Through their explanations I envisioned a greasy spoon like “Mel’s Diner” from the 70s/80s show Alice. Thankfully, it was not that but a unique experience that is Whole Foods meets Panera Bread.

Both the patio and outside signage gave me a hint of home. It was very indicative of Little Five Points, DeKalb Avenue, and the Poncey-Highlands in Atlanta.



As I was told, Jones the Grocer is part restaurant, part grocery, with a small retail section. There are a variety of canned sauces, oils, and condiments that can add to your personal cooking selections.


After the grocery section of the restaurant/store, you’ll find yourself in front of a case of editable delights. The case is filled with a variety of sweets that will entice a smaller lunch with the hopes of scoring one of these numbers at the end of your meal.


The dining area is surrounded by cafe decor, books, and other retail items.
The Food


My friend’s sandwich
My sandwich with salad – Turkey & Cheese on a Cranberry Roll
My friend recommended Jones the Grocer for a light lunch. She, among several others, raved about this place and I really want to see what the chatter was about.
Overall, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. The sandwiches were average, the presentation was nice, the atmosphere was OK so I didn’t quite understand the exaggeration about the setting and quality of food. The cranberry roll gave an additional flavor to a traditional sandwich but other than that, the overall experiences was OK; not bad, pleasing, but nothing spectacular.


My friend really enjoyed the carrot cake. The portion was generous and she said the flavor was amazing. I would have had a bite but pecans don’t agree with my allergies.


Oh this chocolate tarte; the presentation was gorgeous. I didn’t want to cut it because the white chocolate shavings were just perfect. However, I did indulge. It was OK, nothing fantastic. A true chocolate lover would enjoy this selection.


We finished our real with coffee as we do in the Middle East. Oh my!, coffee on a day with 117 degree heat; unbelievable. Though the coffee listed an Americano, it had a Turkish Flavor and was a bit too strong for me. I wasn’t able to finish all of it.


Jones the Grocer is an award winning restaurant as listed by Time Out Abu Dhabi.

The experience was good, the food was average, and I recommend a try. I don’t agree that it’s the best gourmet sandwich in town, nor do I agree with the sentiments that they have the best sandwiches in Abu Dhabi. Jones the Grocer is simply a place to eat which gives you the ability to say, “Yeah, I’ve been there”.

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