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Great Burgers in DC; Station 4

By January 12, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


As you guys already know, I am a huge burger fanatic. I like gourmet burgers, inexpensive burgers, street food burgers, burgers with cheese, burgers with bacon, and definitely grilled burgers. My love of burgers presents itself in every town that I visit. So without a doubt, when I visited my sister in DC over the summer, we stopped by one of DC’s newest burger stops Station 4, to grab Reginia a burger.

Station 4 is located in the redeveloped area of SW DC near the waterfront at 1101 4th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20024.



Station 4 has a sultry, sophisticated appearance. The lighting is moody, the decor is modern, and the setting anchors the mood for a lovely dining experience.

My sister was a fan of Station 4 already, so I went on her recommendations on what to order. She advised against an appetizer because the burger that I craved would be plentiful.


My sister and I shared some of Station 4’s famous Duck Fat Fries. Per all of the reviews, and my sister, the Duck Fat Fries are all the rage in DC. I’m now in agreement. These fries were the papa of all fries. They were nothing like I’d had before but definitely fries I’d try again. I know many of you are wondering “But Reginia, how do they compete with McDonald’s fries?” Oh, they are right up there. If you’re ever in DC, do stop in Station 4 if for nothing else, spirits and the Duck Fat Fries.


My sister enjoyed the fried calamari. I would have tried a bite but the way my allergies are set up; a big no-no. She enjoyed them and recommends them to others.


Despite its wayward appearance, the bacon-cheese burger, The Die Hard as they titled it, was delicious. ¬†Though I like an attractive burger as well as flavorful, I’ll let the common appearance pass as the burger tops the scale of burgers. Its blend of chuck and brisket gave it a perfect bite accompanied with the crispy bacon. I ordered the lettuce and tomato on the side because hot lettuce just isn’t my thing, no way. Because of all of girth of glory, I removed the top roll and enjoyed my little piece of burger heaven as an open faced entree.

In addition to the swanky decor, the food was fantastic, the service was prompt, and the entire vibe was hip.

Station 4 comes recommended. Though not a pricy experience, it is slightly higher than other restaurants in its class. Do note, like most places in DC, parking is not included.

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