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Guestlist a Novel by Jay Fingers

By June 28, 2012April 1st, 2020Editor's Note, Uncategorized


Who is Jay Fingers?


Ever since I snagged my iPad, I’ve developed a peachy bond with eBooks. For me, eBooks provide the same experience as my beloved hardbacks and journals. I love the illusion of page turning and earmarks. With this new phenomena, eBooks prompted me to revisit fiction. Previously, I avoided fiction like the plague because they typically lacked the type substance and engagement I craved.  I’ve found many fiction eBooks at minimal costs or free so the affair began.
During my hours on the Twitter Playground, I came across a cool guy named Jay Fingers. I believe the conversation started because he mentioned something about Memphis. Being that Little Rock is my hometown, I dipped right in. From there, we chatted, tweeted about, and ultimately he released his novel, Guestlist.  Guestlist is a tale set in NYC that gives rise to lessons that are familiar, poignant, and pivotal

It took me about two days to read Guestlist by Jay Fingers. The book is engaging, with great character development and a good story line. His use of words created the perfect picture of life in NYC. I became so involved in the book that I nearly hated one of the main characters, Napoleon, and his antics so I am hoping for a bit of reprieve in either another story or a part II. The main characters, Juliet and Ava, align with many of “our” personal tales of coming of age, relationships, and growth. I loved how there are key story lines around the male characters because this isn’t found in a lot of urban literature. The last few pages confused me a bit, I understood the story was winding down, but it seemed to have just stopped. The conversation between Mere and Juliet needs clarity or there’s something wrong with the eBook version because a few paragraphs repeated. 

Overall, great story. It makes you feel that you’re 20 something in NYC. I am eagerly awaiting Jay’s next tale.

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