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Happy New Year from Coco Sala

By January 4, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Happy New Year Reginia Cordell

If I hadn’t told you already, Happy New Year.

I brought in the new year with my family in Washington, DC; so I’m sure that set the stage for 2016 greatness.

My sister planned dinner and festivities at an intimate restaurant in the District, CoCo Sala.


Co | Co Sala brings the art of chocolate and a handsome luxurious experience to the District’s food scene.

The menus are a mix of international flavors within domestic favorites. Patrons can find everything from familiar spirits and hearty choices like bacon mac & cheese, blue cheese beef sliders, and lamb meatballs, all infused with hints of chocolate.

I must admit, when my sister presented the idea of a “everything is chocolate” to my mother and I, we both gave her “epic side-eyes” but we rolled with the idea because trying new restaurants is our thing.

Because it was New Year’s Eve, we opted for the restaurant’s set menu which included appetizers, salad, the main entree, bubbly, and dessert.


We began with the Four Cheese Fritters.

These were a hit with my mom and me. I think they were just average for my sister and her guy. If I were to dine there again, I could have these. The cheddar cheese was most pronounced but the chocolate tomato sauce helped to calm the bitterness. If you’re a cheddar cheese fan, these would definitely appeal to you. I’m not big on cheddar but they were still quite delicious.


Thereafter, we had Manchego Baby Arugula Salad. The salad comes with caramelized walnuts, dates, apples, oranges, and hazelnut coffee dressing.


This salad was surprisingly flavorful. I’m not a fan of arugula because it’s just too bitter for me. However, the dates, apples, and oranges cancelled some of the bitterness and created the perfect blend. I didn’t realize that walnuts topped the salad before the server brought out it, so I had to pick them out. If you have a nut allergy, like me, definitely request the salad minus the walnuts. The dressing had only a hint of hazelnut so depending on the severity of your nut allergy, this can be left on (in my opinion, not a medical one).

…and then there was the main entree

well, kind of

Remember above when I said that they, CoCo Sala, had a set menu for New Years Eve Dinner. Welp, there was a bit of a mishap. According to the menu, one of the main entrees should have been spiced steak.

Yeah, should have been,


they ran out.


Yeah, they ran out.

So instead, we were offered the Blue Cheese Beef Sliders with our choice of side.



What type of substitution is that?

While the sliders were OK, a bit tough and dry; I was pretty set on the steak so, this little slider trio just didn’t work. The side of Bacon mac & cheese topped with chocolaty goodness was a treat though. It’s not your grandmother’s baked mac & cheese, it’s more like posh mac & cheese gourmet with a hint of billionaire styling.

My sister and her guy had the red snapper with tomato ginger chutney and braised collard greens over toasted rosemary polenta.


The entree was well-presented, albeit the blurry picture, but they both enjoyed the it.

My mom had the Mushroom Risotto. I had a few bites of it as well. Definite hit but could have been a bit richer. The texture was thin compared to other risotto that I’ve had.


The final stop was dessert; my mom ordered the Latin Love Affair and we had Chocolate Onyx.



The presentation of the desserts exceeded the flavor. I’m hesitant to recommend either of those.

Overall, the total experience was well worth it and recommended. The four cheese fritters were a definite hit. Explore the menu options based on your preferences. The spirit options offer their chocolate spin on many of your favorites.


As with most restaurants in the District, take Uber because parking can be a hassle.

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