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Herathera Island Resort, Maldives

By April 8, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Entrance to Herathera Island Resort


I know you guys have waited on this post for quite some time. I’ve received your emails and comments on social media and decided I needed to get myself in gear and share with you the bliss that was Herathera Island Resort in the Maldives.

Herathera Island Resort is situated on of the southern most islands within the Maldives, Addu Atoll.

Habibti and I traveled to the Maldives via Sri Lankan Airlines using their business class services. Sri Lankan Airlines has grown on me since I first flew with them last May. The key to flight pleasure for me is the business class cabin. For me, the economy cabin has limited leg room which is challenging for a height endowed couple.

Because Herathera Island Resort’s location, we also had to take a charter flight via Maldivian and a speed boat to the resort’s jetty. Oh yeah, all day travel fun!

(Abu Dhabi to Colombo Sri Lanka 4.5 hours; Colombo to Male, Maldives, 1.25 hours; Male to Gan International, 1.50 hours; speed boat from Gan to Herathera, 15 minutes).

Boarding Maldivian

Maldivian Charter Flight

The picture above is from the Maldivian Charter flight because when your Sri Lankan flight leaves at 11:30 PM, something about snapping photos of this isn’t on the forefront.

Once we arrived to Herathera Island Resort, we were relieved. Though we traveled primarily overnight, the flight and travel times were exhausting. We were ready to shower and relax.

Herathera Island Resort was our second choice for accommodations. We were initially booked for a water villa at another resort but as time drew near, I had a bit of anxiety about sleeping over water; so Habibti changed locations for me. Yep, about the old age anxiety, we will chat about that later.

More about our stay.

We were at the resort for 5 days. During that time, we had a sunset villa that included a cosy front porch, views of the sea, steps from the beach, an exposed shower, plenty of space to move around, and the strongest wifi signal ever.

view from sunrise villa-herathera resort


Sunrise Villa Herathera Resort


Sunrise Villa Herathera Resort 2


Highlights of Herathera Island Resort

  • low room rates
  • half or full board dinning options (not included in room rate)
  • Unspoiled Island that’s couple or solo friendly
  • spacious rooms with closets, dressing area, flat screen TV, seating, front porch, exposed bath area, patios, and jacuzzi options
  • resort activities; biking, swimming, beach, water sports, bar, restaurants, tennis
  • excursions (extra costs)

Herathera Resort Maldives 4

Tips for navigation:

  • ask for a villa assignment near the restaurants. The resort is huge and the walk will be far if buggies aren’t available.
  • Sunset villas had the best views and access to the beach
  • Request a buggy at least 15 minutes before desired excursion or dining
  • get the half board at minimum
  • bring extra water and snacks with you
  • order bikes early
  • the resort prefers US Dollar so don’t bother getting local money
  • don’t be overly encouraged by the low cost room rate, the standard Maldivian expenses will find their way to your pockets via excursions and food
  • bring heavy beach shoes because parts of it are rocky
  • Arrive to the pool or beach about 6 to catch the sunset
  • Skip the dinner by the sea, though beautiful, it wasn’t that tasty but beautiful.


Overall, Herathera Island Resort comes recommended. The staff members were exceptionally pleasant and accommodating. The element of calm makes this resort worth the long travel. The cutest take away is the equator certificate that you’ll receive from Maldivian Airlines for crossing the equator.

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