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Hometown Leisure; Explore Your City Like a Tourist

By March 28, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

“Honey, I’m bored” said every spouse ever.

“Mom, it’s so boring, what are we going to do” says every child under the age of 21.

Hometown Leisure; Explore Your City Like a Tourist


I’ve said it nearly a million times and I’m sure you have to; “Uh, it’s boring, what are we going to do?”

Unless you live in Mayberry, you’ve probably left many of your leisure resources untapped. If you’re like me, a creature of habit, you’ve probably been to your favorite restaurants time and again. When I lived in Atlanta, I would go to the same places, Golden Corral, Vortex, Cracker Barrel, O’Charley’s, and Outback. I had the same habits in the DMV, my hometown, and I’m finally breaking rank in Abu Dhabi.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the familiar circle because we know what it is and it’s outcome.

….typically, comforting and satisfying



So, Im here to share with you how I’ve managed to break the circle of familiarity, divorce myself from boredom, and explore my city like a tourist. Hometown leisure is very satisfying and saves money too.


Hometown Leisure; How to Explore my City Like a Tourist.

  • Use Google

I know, I know, it sounds easy enough, but often times when we’re far inside the depths of boredom, we completely forget about the obvious. For the purposes of this post, and all mankind, Google is our right hand man. Use specific phrases like “Things to do in Evanston”, “restaurants on Peachtree Street”, “soulfood restaurants in Memphis”, and it will lead you to unexplored leisure within your hometown.

Don’t be afraid to travel a little further, jump into a new neighborhood; explore your city like a tourist.

These types of review sites offer consumer insight, feedback, and user photos of local business. 

  • Breeze through a tourist guide

There’s no better way to see your city as a tourist than grabbing a few free tourist guides to see the highlights of your city. Because you’re more than likely numb to seeing these attractions, it’s not on your radar to explore it like others who travels hundreds of miles to see it, unless you’re in Mayberry.

By following these three easy, foul proof steps, you’ll never have to torture your spouse, kids, and the dog with “Ughh, I’m bored” ever again.

For vacationing beyond your city, click here for my free travel and planning guide.

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