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Hotel Lenox Montparnasse in Paris

By September 24, 2013April 1st, 2020Travel + Culture
Hotel Lenox Montparnasse
As I chat with many travel bloggers, I find that there’s a common theme; so many pictures, so little time. Case and point with this post, I went to Paris over 6 months ago and yet to post about this quaint Parisian abode – Hotel Lenox Montparnasse.
Hotel Lenox Montparnasse was a 2nd choice hotel as the hotel we wanted booked very quickly for the New Years Holiday.
When we looked for hotels, we wanted something near the Eiffel Tower and subways; Hotel Lenox Montparnasse fit the bill on both accounts. The research showed that it [the hotel] had average feedback, 3 stars, and many of the standard European amenities.
My apologies for the blurry picture.
The outside of the hotel was unassuming as many European Hotels are. It sat nicely on a narrow street with lots of foot traffic, sandwich shops, groceries, boutiques, and restaurants.
The dimly lit lobby was quite sultry with a self service bar and hors d’oeuvres.  A light breakfast was also served in this area.
Yall know that I adore good food and that’s what makes traveling great but as I said in another post, the food in Paris was subpar. I expected greatness but it didn’t measure up; neither did the breakfast. It was a bit expensive, salty, and didn’t meet my dining needs.
Interesting decor and color scheme in the narrow corridor.


This bathroom was a total fail. The shower was tiny. I couldn’t close the curtain because I would have been smashed against the wall. The tile was a bit moldy or stained and the toiletries was lackluster.


Usually, I snap a few photos before throwing my things all over the room, unpacking but after arriving so late, I got a few after the fact. Though the room was so small and I barely had space for my luggage, the bed was very comfortable and I slept well each night.
The internet worked well but the TV only stayed on one channel; some Japanese nudity sex something – OMG. They claimed to have fixed it but I was stuck with Japanese nudity for the entire trip.
The room key
Overall the stay was OK. The quirky concierges were helpful and the hotel provided what we needed.
Hotel Lenox Montparnasse isn’t on the top of my list when I return to Paris, but in a pinch, I would stay here again.


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