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Hotel Review: Movenpick Ibn Battuta

By March 16, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Dubai is majestic.

It is the most illustrious destination in the Middle East.

Dubai Marina

Visitors from around the world long to be apart of Dubai’s splendor and grandeur. Because the city is grounded in economic tourism, the selection of things to do and places to stay are abundant. As an avid traveler, I often rely upon hotel reviews to guide the selection making process. Between travel blogs and Trip Advisor, honest hotel reviews make decision making easier.

If you’re on your way to Dubai or planning to visit Dubai in the future, consider staying just outside of downtown for a luxurious experience near shopping, restaurants, and public transportation (the Dubai RTA).

Habibi and I selected Movenpick Ibn Battuta for a few reasons, namely its easy access to Global Village. We’d also been pretty curious about the intricate design and presentation that we’d often see from our trek in from Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Movenpick Ibn Battuta

Getting to the hotel is fairly easy off the Ibn Battuta exit on the E 11; exit, a few round-a-bouts, one U-turn, a few meters, up the hill, then to valet. Sounds harder than it is, it’s OK, I promise.

Movenpick-Ibn-Battuta 3

Valet was a bit busier than we expected. For some reason, we thought this hotel wouldn’t be as busy as the hotels closer into the city. No worries though, valet was pretty fast and efficient as with the checking in process. We’d pre-booked through Expedia, so that helped the process timing as well.

After checking in, we immediately went up to the room, refreshed, and back out the door to Global Village.

Though our initial introduction was a bit of a whirlwind, we couldn’t help to notice the touches of elegance coupled with historic influences of Explorer Ibn Battuta (Muhammad Ibn Battuta).

Movenpick-Ibn-Battuta 3 Reginia-Cordell

The overall feeling of the hotel was graceful. The single room offered ample space; wardrobes, mini-office, sitting area, king bedroom, large soaking tub, with a separate shower and toilet for the extra layer of privacy.

Our impressions


We felt that the bedding was pretty standard for five start accommodations. The king sized bed had plush, comfortable linens with sizable fluffy pillows.

Ibn Battuta Movenpick


Strong and included

Room Service

We didn’t want for much other than breakfast the next morning. Though our spread wasn’t as plentiful as it was a Royal Rose, the breakfast was quite satisfying and filling.



Spacious pool, ample lounge chairs with a view, lounging and BBQ area



Whether you’re traveling to Dubai soon or an expat needing a staycation, Movenpick Ibn Battuta tops our list of places to stay in Dubai.

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