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Hotels for Families in Dubai

By March 22, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Because Dubai is the hottest travel destination right now, vacationers, often multiples, are seeking hotels for families that won’t break the bank while providing hints of opulence that Dubai is known for.


In Dubai and throughout much of the Gulf, hotel apartments are plentiful as families, often very large, travel together for holidays. Being from North America, I hadn’t experienced many hotel apartments so when I saw a special on Expedia for City Premiere Marina Hotel Apartments, I knew it was the perfect time to explore varied lodging.

Hotels for families

City Premiere Marina Hotel Apartments is one of the many hotel apartments in the area. It is located near the Dubai Marina, an area that offers an abundance of leisure activities. One of the greatest features of City Premiere is that some rooms offer stunning views of the marina while others give the city view alongside Sheikh Zayed Road. During our visit, we had a corner room which had both the city and marina views; both equally stunning. Because of these options, it’s quite easy to get lost in the bounty of this location. If you’re trying to decide between this location and other hotels for families, below is a list of “the good” and “not so good”.

The Good

  • Generous space
  • Full kitchen
  • Full baths
  • Wi-fi

Hotels for families in Dubai

Hotels in Dubai for families

Hotels in Dubai for families

  • Living and lounging spaces
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Valet Parking
  • Near the Marina

The Not So Good

  • Older facility
  • Difficult to find because of construction
  • Limited self-parking options

Because we had a packed schedule that weekend, we didn’t have time to order food or try the restaurants.

Overall, our experience with this hotel apartment was on par with expectation. We didn’t expect the opulence of the five star hotels in the area but we did expect comfort. Our beds, lounging spaces, and kitchen areas were comfortable. We had a two-bedroom apartment and the amount of space exceeded our expectations as it was larger than our personal apartments in Abu Dhabi.  This space is highly recommended for families as there are three bedroom options available as well.

Travelers with greater than three friends may find this space most appropriate because of the facilities, space, and ability to save money on dining out because full kitchens are available.

Please note that City Premiere Marina Hotel Apartments and City Premiere Hotel Apartments are not the same nor in the same vicinity; take care when booking.

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