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Hotels in London; Hotel Russell

By August 18, 2014March 6th, 2020Travel + Culture

Hotels in London

When looking for a hotel in London that’s convenient and close to major attractions, Hotel Russell is your place.

Hotel Russell London with Reginia Cordell 5


Hotel Russell is conveniently located near the city center (centre) of London just one block from the Russell Square Underground Station. It is listed as a four star hotel by Trip Advisor.

Holidays, or vacations as we Americans call them, in London are certainly expected to be filled with lots of good eating and visits to classic English attractions like the London Eye, Westminster Abby, and the Tower Bridge. Coupled with all there is to do outside, a major part of vacationing is accommodation. I prefer luxury travel, therefore I typically select 4 star or better especially in Europe. European hotels can be quite small and a bit off the mark according to the hotel rating system. So for that added security, 4 star and up within a prime location is a must; in addition to the ratings by real travelers via Trip Advisor.

Let’s jump right in.

When I arrived to London I was exhausted from 14 continuous days of play in Eastern Europe. The only thing I wanted to do was unpack, shower, and eat.

I took a private car from our tour’s drop off point into the city proper. The driver didn’t have a hard time finding it. Hotel Russell is located on a busy intersection so drop off has to be swift in order to avoid fines for your driver. The doormen helped with my massive bags and away I went.

Check in was a bit congested upon arrival but it was simple enough; name, ID, Cc, key, cya.

Hotel Russell London by Reginia Cordell 2

Hotel Russell London by Reginia Cordell 8


The reception and main entrance area wasn’t to my delight but as I proceeded to my room, with the assistance of the nicest concierge ever, the renovations were evident.

Hotel Russell London by Reginia Cordell 3

My first impressions were “thank God I have room to move around”. I can’t emphasis enough on how small European hotel rooms can be. So my glee was brought forth by room to actually walk around the bed, and a seating area (not pictured), storage with iron, entertainment console with a mid-sized safe. Oh yes, this was heaven compared to some of the stays I had on the road. It, Hotel Russell, met the European 4 star standard.

Hotel Russell London by Reginia Cordell 6

Now on to the other amenities; the bathroom and toiletries. Bathrooms can make or break a hotel stay. Thank goodness, Hotel Russell didn’t disappoint in this area either. The bathrooms were updated with modern features including toiletries by Eco-Boutique, a towel warmer (my next house will have one of these) a soaking tub, and soft quality linens including a robe.

Hotel Russell London with Reginia Cordell 4


Aww, the luxury of having a desk is always a treat when I’m blogging on the road. Sometimes, pumping out posts or pics via tablet or phone just isn’t enough. One ouch about Hotel Russell is the wifi situation. I don’t like when hotel advertise free wifi when in actuality, only a portion of it is free. Hotel Russell offers 1 hour of free wifi, per device, every four hours. So, I had to keep twitching devices and plan carefully in order for the wifi to meet my needs.

Why can’t hotels just “hide” the cost of wifi in the stay and offer it full time for every customer. Would’t they make more money this way?

Hotel Russell London by Reginia Cordell 11

Of course my stay wouldn’t be complete without ordering room service. My first night, I ordered a delicious ham, mushroom, and tomato omelette which came with a side of fries (chips). I was far too hungry and tired to snap one measly picture. Trust me when I say it was to die for, it was exactly that. I ordered the above panini on my last night. I was exhausted from my trek to Stonehenge and couldn’t muster enough energy to walk out for dinner.

The room service is a bit pricey and comes with a service charge.

I’m recommending Hotel Russell without reservation. The location is prime, the cost is typical for a London 4 star near attractions, and the rooms are comfortable.

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