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How to Make Money as a Blogger

By March 25, 2019May 9th, 2020Blog + Business

Earning a handsome living as a professional blogger is completely possible.

Who are Professional Bloggers?

Professional bloggers are people who own and run a blog, on a full time basis, and earn a sustainable living doing so. Professional bloggers write about a specific topic related to their training or industry. Specifically, professional bloggers may curate topics based on their professional lives, previous training, or a deeply studied topic of interest. The underscore of their writings include: research, writing, editing, and publishing. These tasks are a part of the planning to publish sequence.  One of the overarching questions about professional blogging is, “How do professional bloggers make money”. The short answer to this question is multiple ways including writing for their own blog. In addition to publishing consistently on their on blog, here’s a list of ways professional bloggers make money.

Below is a list of income earning opportunities for professional bloggers.

  • Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is a source of income for many bloggers. It is usually the first type of income many make by utilizing sources like AdSense. AdSense is the bar of entry is usually doable for new bloggers. Hosting ads on your blogs is an easy, low touch way to begin to make money as a blogger. As your blog grows in readership, you may venture into other ad networks such as Mediavine. While most qualify to host Google Adsense ads, companies like Monumetric and Mediavine are said to have greater earning potential thus have specific entry requirements. Before applying for such network, review their entry points and rules for display. Earning money with ad revenue is one of the first and easiest ways to make money as a blogger.

  • Sponsored Posts

Bloggers and influencers alike earn money through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are blog posts that are directly written for a brand to highlight their product or service. Bloggers may take on sponsored posts when a company pitches products that most align to the blogger’s niche. Sponsored posts are also acquired through public relations (PR) relationships, PR networks, social media platforms, and through networking. Most often, sponsored posts require that bloggers follow specific requirements and must be approved before payment. Negotiating your price for engagement and payment are always suggested. Never accept exposure as a means of payment.

  • Freelance

Some bloggers earn money through freelance work. Diversified freelance includes creating content for other bloggers or businesses. The terms of content creation vary between one-off jobs or long-term contracts. The benefits of freelance writing includes lesser schedule commitments, building diverse writing portfolios, and creating networking relationships. Blogging as a freelance writer have risks such as infrequent jobs and consistently looking for a new gig.

There’s a running “joke” that bloggers can only make money by “blogging about blogging”. Info-sharing or being an infopreneur is a real and rewarding industry. There has been a huge transition from the industrial revolution to one that is heavily influenced by technology. Technology is a resource that allows people to now access information quickly through multiple mediums. Along with these changes is the need to get information quickly without going back to college. Therefore, info-sharing, expert marketing, and infopreneur blogs are leading the industry in blog growth and a great way to monetize your expertise and experiences.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another tool used to make money as a blogger. Bloggers can become members of affiliate programs to showcase products and services with their audiences. Once a reader clicks the link to shared products, the blogger received a percentage of the sale. This is an excellent way to share the type of blogging tools used like cameras, software, and services while remaining “on brand” and organically sharing useful tools. Some bloggers use affiliate marketing as their main source of income as some payouts can be grand. There are a wide variety of affiliate programs available to fit blogging niches.


Do you want to start a blog but unsure how, the Quick Start Blogging Guide provides a step-by-step manual for starting your blog including content development.

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