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Italy is for Lovers

By August 12, 2014April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

For those who have been with me for some time understand my deep love for Italy. I first stepped into the country, late 2012, as I made my mark in Rome.

Since then, I’ve wanted to see Italy from north to south, we all the major stops in between. During this vacation, I was able to add Venice, Florence, and Pisa to my Italian love affair.  The only two cities left to see are Milan and Sicily.


Venice greeted me with unbelievable heat. When I say OMG it was hot, it was indeed an invitation to sit inside an Italian oven. I didn’t anticipate the sweltering temperatures. Geez, it was hot. I did manage to capture many great snaps and dig into plenty of Italian treats.

Pictures of Venice _ Reginia Cordell

The streets and canals of Venice were absolutely picturesque. During our walking tour, I fell behind several times as I tried to capture as many images as I could.

Italy is for lovers _ Reginia Cordell

But it was so hot.

Man it was hot.

By the time we rode the gondola, we all needed that relief.

Travel Florence _ reginia cordell 6

Food in Venice _ Reginia Cordell

By the end of the day; touring, wine, snacks, snaps, and all of the traditional highlights in Venice, I sat down to this. Oh what is the Italian mass? It’s the biggest calzone and side of pork I’ve ever seen. I mean, whew, I was hungry but could I tackle such a meal?

Food in Venice _ Reginia Cordell 5


Good thing the meal was low carb and calorie free. 🙂

….a good night’s rest, sweet dreams, and a full tummy later…

there was…


Travel to Italy _ Poised in Print 1

Second stop; Florence or Firenze as it’s locally referred.

Travel to Italy _ Reginia Cordell 2

I sort-off stood in front of on-coming traffic to get this shot. Pretty great huh?

Travel Italy _ Reginia Cordell 3

Two of the funniest guys on the tour. They were full of energy, small talk, and wit. It was a joy hanging with them for two weeks.

Travel Italy _ Reginia Cordell 5

That’s right, naked men belong on pedestals.

Travel Italy _ Reginia Cordell 6


Travel Florence _ Reginia Cordell

Italy is for lovers like Lilliana and Luis. They were the sweetest couple ever. I’m going to hang out with them next year in Colombia.

Travel Florence _ Reginia Cordell 1

Cool people during cool things.

Travel Florence _ Reginia Cordell 3

There were tons of historical buildings throughout Florence but I missed the names of most of them. Without an assistant, and sweltering temperatures, I just didn’t feel like keeping up. I hid from the sun as much as possible but still ended with swollen ankles and sun burn.

So that night, I rested… well had a 4 course Italian spread, then rest, and slept.

…and then

there was Pisa

2014-07-19 09.50.18

I was excited to see Pisa but was left underwhelmed and disappointed. Pisa has been corrected by 2 meters or so to prevent it from toppling over. That’s understandable. However, there’s very little “lean” left and it’s hard to capture. Plus there’s nothing around Pisa really except a few more museum type of things and a neighborhood. I know Pisa is high on the bucket list of many, but eh, I’m glad I saw it but underwhelmed is exactly how I left.

Such is life.

Venice and Florence were fantastic….mainly Venice.

I will visit both Florence and Venice again during time of color temps but Pisa, that was a one stop trot.


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