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Kids Time: Writing & Journaling at Home

By September 11, 2014April 20th, 2017Editor's Note

above photo courtesy of Picklebums

As an education steward, I completely support life-long authentic learning. One way to support learning, with a home to school connection, is by creating home journaling activities. Journaling can begin as soon as your child is able to safely grip a writing tool; crayons, erasable markers, or toddler friendly pencils. As a writer, I feel journaling is an excellent way to communicate and even create bonds among family members.

Creating your child’s first journal can be as easy as stapling a few sheets of printer paper together and allowing your little one to share his or her feelings. These could be spontaneous feelings, reflection of an outing, or a family portrait masterpiece.


photo courtesy of Feels Like Home Blog

Journaling is also a calming yet expressive outlet. Children are able to reflect and release their feelings or create masterpieces using the variables of their imagination. Creating a journaling space at home may also help with this process. While some children are able to create in any space, others may need a designated area free of distractions. Your child will guide you on what’s best for them.

Beginning a journal at an early age gives children an educational edge as it supports development and intellectual curiosity .

As parents, you’ll be amazed by the many things that you can learn from your child’s drawings and writings. The journey or journaling will share their likes, dislikes, people who are important, or reveal things like bullying or inappropriate transgressions.

Allow the creative side of your child and the entire family to manifest through creative journals.

Starting with new supplies encourages children to try this new venture.

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Tell me about your family’s writing journal or sharing process.

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