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Korean Food in Abu Dhabi

By December 3, 2014March 7th, 2020Travel + Culture

Korean Food in Abu Dhabi

When Lisa Whatsapp’d me and asked if I wanted to try a Korean Restaurant, I gave the message a huge side eye.

“Korean food?, I responded.

“Yes, it’s a great place I tried with one of my colleagues last week. It’s really good and my colleague who happens to be Korean said it’s spot on. Let’s try it. I’m sure you’ll like it”, Lisa responded.

Later that evening, we were off to the Eclipse Hotel.

The Taste of Korea is tucked away in the penthouse.

The Taste of Korea 1

We started with the preselected appetizers. I immediately recognized the beans, spinach, and kimchi. The other dishes I believe were pickled cabbage and potatoes. I didn’t ask because we were chatting about a bit of everything. In addition, I was trying feverishly to use of the chopsticks correctly. Didn’t work; so the server brought over a fork.

The Taste of Korea 2

Lisa ordered for us because I didn’t have a clue as to what to select. I recognized a few general items like the beef ribs. I didn’t want to get those because I wanted the experience to be truly authentic.

The Taste of Korea 3

The gabli beef was marinated to perfection. The cut was thin, tender, moist, and a balanced blend of spices. There was a hint of sweetness that paired well with the grilled flavor. I think I could handle a portion of this on my own.

Lisa showed me how to eat it with the lettuce pieces. I was moderately successful but eventually turned to my trusty fork.

The Taste of Korea 4

Above is the kimchi pancake. The flavor was OK but the texture did not work for me. It had a bit of a crispy exterior and soft center. It’s worth a try but I definitely won’t order it again.

The Taste of Korea 5


Our final dish was beef soup with mixed vegetables and a side of rice. Again, the beef was quite tender. It wasn’t as seasoned as the grilled beef above but it had a pleasant taste. By this time, I was quite full and didn’t indulge properly. Perhaps I will order it again on my next visit; because there will be a next visit.

The restaurant is quaint with modern touches. I didn’t get a picture as it was packed with patrons. So I didn’t want to impose with camera flicks.

The Taste of Korea is conveniently located in the Eclipse Hotel off of Khalifa Street, one block away from the Corniche near Mina Port.


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