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Kwanzaa – Umoja

By December 26, 2016April 19th, 2017Editor's Note

Black American Heritage is the foundation of the American land with roots that sprawl across the globe. In celebration and restoration of our rich history, incorporate the principles of Kwanzaa into your holiday routines. Now only are you honoring your ancestors, you’re restoring wounded flesh that’s currently impacting black communities across the Nation.


 Kwanzaa Umoja

Unify your creative thoughts, your vision, and your desires for greatness. Unify your home by resolving personal and family issues. Unify your affairs and works by ensuring that they are on the proper foundation and fueled by pure soil. Create ancestral understandings among your tribe members. Ensure that your tribe knows that black Americans have a unique greatness and power in collectiveness. Band your tribe, and then cultivate another until all of us are not only practicing Umoja, we’re living it.

Best & well black people.

Kwanzza Umoja

…best and well.

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