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Lauriol Plaza: El Salvadorian Food in DC

By October 6, 2014March 7th, 2020Travel + Culture

Where are El Salvadorian Restaurants in DC?

Visiting Washington, DC is always a treat.

The city is experiencing lots of urban renewal which has brought lots of new businesses to the city.

One of the new businesses is Lauriol Plaza: an El Salvadorian Restaurant in the famous, once infamous, Dupont Circle.

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle3


LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle2


The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day, therefore we decided to have lunch outside. As pictured, the outdoor eating area is plentiful as well as breezy. It’s the perfect setting for good food, drinks, and enjoying warm D.C. days.

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupont4

We started with the standard chips & salsa with a side of queso dip. As hungry as I was, I’d hoped that the chips & salsa would hit the spot, but things looked as if they were going to go downhill. The chips were a bit stale, the salsa was thin and watery, and the queso was tasteless goo. I wanted to cry. I’d been away from the US since the same time in 2013, I really wanted familiar flavors and good eating. It seemed like the first meal was something I absolutely didn’t want.

I proceeded because I understand that mass produced appetizers can sometimes go left. Timing, crowds, and sometimes missing ingredients can play a huge part in the quality and taste. This shouldn’t happen but I understand when it does. I always hope that it doesn’t impact the rest of the meal.


in this case….

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle5

It did. 

The presentation looked well; pretty standard for Latin cantina styled food. By this time, I was extremely hungry and just ready for a bit of satisfaction.

Didn’t happen.

Rice, overcooked; enchilada, tough; taco, stale and all items were just oily.

My goodness.

I was deceived, hungry, and just plane ole mad by now.

I couldn’t stop shooting daggers at my sister because she picked this place. She gave it a thumbs up.

Then, revealed…

“Well, I’ve only been here for happy hour and had the margaritas”.

What! Whet! Wait, WHET!

So I dug into her food; hoping for better.

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle6


No ma’am.

No tamale ma’am.

Mush city. No flavor. Tasted like canned Tex-Mex.

Picture me crying by this point…

and hungry

in the middle of Dupont Circle

then it started to rain

can. you. imagine.


the managers were nice. That’s why it hurt to write a not so nice review. There wasn’t much they could do about the food. Well, I didn’t even complain. I couldn’t. I didn’t think it could be fixed.

The reviews via Google 3.8 and Trip Advisor has mostly decent ratings.

I’ll add to my Trip Advisor soon enough.

Mandatory positive: the decor was nice.

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle1

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle7

LauriolPlaza _ RestaurantsinDupontCircle8

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