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Learn How to Use the Internet

By January 26, 2020January 30th, 2020Podcast



Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh Dear. My dear generation, Generation X, isn’t championing the internet like they should. Look, most of us came along with Speak ‘n Spell, Atari, and fact back Macs were a thing. We’re quite familiar with command keys, Commodore 64, and eventually a few of us moved on to Netscape, a multitude of fee AOL discs, and Yahoo Chat Rooms, but that’s it.


Like dassit, dassit.

So of course, it’s understood that we learned by trial and error along with BlackPlanet, MySpace, and eventually, the land of the elderly, Facebook.

…but Al Gore’s and Beyonce’s Internet is so much more than that. It’s greater than the meat market of the middle aged Tinder’s of the world and alerting everyone that there are “haters” in the wings. The Internet is the great equalizer, it’s a game changer, and in this episode of In Cursive, we’re talking about how.

In this episode of In Cursive, I talk about:

  • The Internet
  • How the Internet is the great equalizer
  • How the Internet killed the middleman
  • Using the Internet to pivot during middle-age

Listen to the episode:

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