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Let’s Go Cruising Together

By January 22, 2012April 1st, 2020Travel + Culture
Let’s Go Cruising Together…
Recently, I had the opportunity to frolic around Miami, thus the pictures of the Miami Port. I was greeted by a few cruise liners. I must say, there is such beauty in seeing all of the liners together; it’s so statuesque. I noticed Norwegian, Carnival, and Celebrity.

I am a fan of cruising. It’s like a buffet vacation. You have lodging, food, and destination all packaged into one. I prefer a 7 day cruise with at least 4 ports. What better way to see various countries than a short stay on a port-of-call. I’ve only sailed with two companies: Norwegian and Carnival.

Norwegian offers a low frills, straight to the point combination. It has “freestyle cruising” which allows you to have dinner at times that are good for you unlike the other liners. Many of the other amenities are the same: pools, hot tubs, games, shows, all day eating, and the captain’s dinner.

Carnival has gained the reputation of being a party liner and a favorite among African-American cruisers. It is a spirited adventure and there’s never a dull moment. Carnival offers short packages with economically friendly rates.
My favorite parts of cruising are the port-of-calls and of course the food. I suggest dieting before and after cruising to avoid a shock on the scale. I hope the cruise again soon.
Are you a fan of cruises?

Our prayers are with the families who were affected by the cruise tragedy in Italy.


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