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Linden Avenue by Reginia Cordell is Live on Amazon | Buy it Now

By December 3, 2013March 21st, 2020Short Stories

Linden Avenue is an ebook by Reginia Cordell.

There’s always something to learn for a new author.
I wrote this book in 30 days. I tried to edit it too.
Uploaded a bad copy.
…but I got over it.
not fast though
Linden Avenue is live on Amazon.


Like a good procrastinator does, she waits until the last minute to upload her title to Amazon Publishing. And like a good procrastinator, a surprise is always waiting around the corner.
Instead of instant gratification when I hit publish, of course, the book had to go through a waiting period. Yep, waiting and waiting, and waiting. Just like that, a whole bunch of waiting.
Then I received a return email at 3:53 AM, UAE time,¬†oh, looks like you’ve hit the wrong contributor button.
Wait for it; the process begins again.
Finally, my sister sent me a FB Inbox Message stating that the book was live.
So here it is…
I’m ticked that I completed the 30 day writing challenge.
The process was both stressful and refreshing.
Please do share with your friends and give honest feedback via Amazon or contact me directly.
Thanks for your support and hanging in there with me.

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