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Love Food Festival – Abu Dhabi

By February 21, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Love Food Festival - Abu Dhabi - Reginia Cordell - 7

The Love Food Festival was this past weekend in Abu Dhabi.

The annual event was held in Mushrif Central Park.

I’m not sure how food festival notifications just happen upon my newsfeed and in my inbox, but they do.

…and I’m happy about that.

Love Food Festival - Abu Dhabi - Reginia Cordell - 9

The Love Food Festival is an annual event in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The food truck tour makes stops in Al Ain, Madinat Zayed, and finally in Abu Dhabi.

…and I’m happy about that too.


Besides the Taste of Abu Dhabi, most of the great festivals are in Dubai.

….and I’m not happy about that.

So, the invitation to join thousands of others at this culinary event was right up my alley.

….Habibi’s too.

We came, we, saw, and we ate.

Love Food Festival - Abu Dhabi - Reginia Cordell

We decided to go Friday afternoon about 4 ish. Getting there was a breeze but finding a parking space was maddening.

Just maddening.

We finally found one a few blocks away, on the street. Thank goodness parking is free on Fridays (travel tip).

We scooted along, arrived to the gate and found ourselves behind a long queue.

Normally, I would be a bit irritated, but the weather was good and the queue moved quickly.

…entry to Mushrif Central Park, 5 AED per person.

Because it was our first time at Mushrif Central Park, we walked around the gorgeous grounds before heading into the event.

Mushrif Central Park - Abu Dhabi

Entry to the Love Food Festival was 40 AED per person

….more about that later.

The event was pretty packed with families, groups of friends, and everyone in between. There was plenty of food to be had. Most food trucks came from as far away as the UK as well as a few local favorites. Attendees had several options to participate in culinary greatness. Some of the most popular stands were Pad Thai, Taquado Mexican Kitchen, Crabbie Shack, Halloumi Fries, and a host of others.


Love Food Festival - Abu Dhabi - Reginia Cordell - 5

Love Food Festival - Abu Dhabi - Reginia Cordell - 6

While all of the treats that we had were exceptional, the music was superb, and the crowd lively, this post doesn’t come without a bit of constructive feedback. As with most of the food festivals here, the organization is off-putting. I always feel like I’m betting “nickeled and dimed” to death. First there’s parking (sometimes with a fee, not this one though), then there’s the entry fee, then there are fees for each food stall. I much prefer leveled entries. For example, there could be a diamond level that allows for 5 different entrées, then a lower level with a choice of 3 entrees, and then a la carte options for those who may not be heavy foodies.


Foodies love to enjoy their food but we don’t want to continue to dig in our pockets at each stall. The leveled system is successful at many major food festivals across the world. I really hope Love Food Fest adopts this policy; it will make it more enjoyable.

Whenever Love Food Fest makes it way back to Abu Dhabi, definitely come out with your friends and family because it would be a shame to miss great food.

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