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Managing Your Business and Success

By September 17, 2016April 28th, 2017Blog + Business

Properly managing your business and success should be at the forefront of every entrepreneurs priorities. Well managed businesses and its respective successes include preparations for transitional times. Last week, former celebrity gossip blogger, Necole Bitchie, now XONecole, shared her personal tale of challenge as she’s transitioning from her highly successful gossip blog into a blog that reflects her current interests of empowerment for diverse women.

In the video below, Necole shares her experiences with gaining traction with her new content as well as financial hiccups. As she continues to trudge along the entrepreneurial path, others may learn from some of the learning variables she faced.

5 things entrepreneurs should do to manage their business and success:

  1. Have a team of professionals including a reputable accountant, attorney, and business advisor
  2. Create transitional plans
  3. Maintain the more than one fruitful stream of income
  4. Stay abreast of the current market and trends through professional development
  5. Be intentional

The growing pains experienced by Necole are variables for growth not only for her, but the audience that she serves. Managing your business and success should become a part of your daily professional fabric.

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