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Mastering Periscope from the Viewers Perspective

By April 30, 2016April 20th, 2017Blog + Business

Periscope set social media a blaze over the past year. Social media personalities and brands locked into the latest social media movement with hopes to engage readers, move content, and convert interests into profit. You will find many of the top bloggers and those dominating their niche on Periscope. Those who are mastering the social media outlet are systematic. Mastering Periscope is more than chance, it’s strategy. Even with those strategies┬áreadily available, more and more social media personalities are throwing info to the wind and winging it.

Periscope from the Views Perspective

I’m here to tell you, don’t wing it because viewers take notice when ‘Scopes flail in the wind. We take notice of the rambling, time wasting, and fumbling. We see you; and when we see you, we do not convert. We leave the “coin” in the purse and carry on to the next one.

Note the following five steps to master to your Periscope Sessions from the viewers perspective.

Master Your Introductions

The largest gripe about Periscope are the 15 minute introduction and openings with extended “Hello Pearl”, “Hello Sarah”, “Hey there Chad, good to see you again”, “Hello, Hello, Hello”, “Welcome and Hello”. “Hello, Tamika” “Hello Barry”, “Hello, Hello, Hello”.

Three to four general “Hellos” or “Good mornings” are more than enough. I’ve disconnected from ‘Scopes that have the never ending welcome chain. ┬áI know it’s everyone’s mission to personally engage but the welcome train has to stop. Really, stop it.

Instead, try a standard opening with a picture of your site, maybe a bit of background music, or just a standard greeting.

For example, “Welcome everyone. I hope you’re well today. Thank you for tuning in to my ‘Scope and if you’re watching the replay thank you for tuning in as well. Let’s get started. Hello, this is Mary of I’m America’s #1 writing coach, and sister mentor since 2007. I do XY and Z in order to DEF. Today’s ‘Scope is about 123 and by the end, you will take away ABC. Good morning.”

This standard greeting is particularly important if you’re offering an information session versus a social ‘Scope.

Additionally, set up prior to hitting start. The time wasted during the camera and light adjustments are not OK. Get it together before you begin.

Follow an Outline

After watching a few entrepreneurial coaches who have mastered Periscope, each offer this simple piece of advice, “follow an outline”. Some of my favorite coaches offer free tips on the progression of a successful ‘Scope; while others have packaged tools to help transition your fumbles to fame and then to good fortune.

Try it, really.

Engage Meaningful Questions


Dear Presenter,

There are people on the other side of the ‘Scope, engage them.


I know this is a tough task: staying on brand, keeping within the outline, maintaining an acceptable time, but you must engage your audience. Will you have time to answer each question? No, and please do not try to within the ‘Scope’s segment. Address these questions on your website, email, or social media. Direct your audience there for the follow-up.

However, a few gems often come through and it’s good to address those or notify your audience that you will take questions at the end, or pause for a few questions mid-‘Scope. This is something that you can build into the outline.

Block the Trolls

Do not acknowledge the trolls; block and ignore. If a troll is spammy, block. If a troll is using derogatory terms, definitely block. Though its easy ask your audience to ignore, seeing racially or sexually charged terms are distractors. You don’t want your audiences to miss the meat of your ‘Scope because someone wants to type the word ‘p****’.

Close with a Call-to-Action

Unless you’re on a social ‘Scope, your audience wants to leave with a take-a-way. They, we, need satisfaction. Here’s where you insert your call to action. Direct them to your email subscription, website, or active social media. If they’ve sat on a ‘Scope for 20 minutes or more, they want more, they need action. This is your opportunity to transition casual to cash.

Periscope is a powerful social media tool that’s a major asset to social media personalities, coaches, and entrepreneurs who wish to broaden their brand and reach greater audiences.

It’s imperative that you know what the viewer needs; this ain’t dress rehearsal, this is your business.


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