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How to Make Delicious Low Country Grits

By May 12, 2014March 20th, 2020Archives

How to Make Delicious Low Country Grits

Somewhere in the world of Pinterest, I found yet another Meatless Monday recipe to try. For the past two weekends, I’ve stayed close to home because I haven’t felt so well. Somewhere in the midst of on-going, nagging angina and the hell of heart disease, my chest decided it wanted to do a little internal snuggling which made me exceptionally tired and grumpy.

…insert cries here.

And so it was, I had a date rest, easy walking, and with Pinterest.

Pinterest is some type of psychotherapy that creates super heroes behind the computer screen. You’ll redo your closets, redecorate your house, build a city, and create the most fabulous meals.

I tried to do it all but in this instance, I did the latter.

…because food.

I had a hankering for grits after I cleaned my cabinets, thanks to Pinterest, so you guys get to see the fruits of my labor and birth of my imagination; Low Country Grits.



Low Country Grits _ 2_ Poised in Print _ Meatless Monday


I saw several recipes for low country grits that included asparagus and bacon with the mushroom and grits but I didn’t have either the asparagus nor bacon, so I rolled with mushrooms and green beans.




Slap ya mama!

The master plan for low country grits

I used the remainder of the grits in the canister, which was about a cup.

Other ingredients 

1 can of mushrooms (drained)

salt (2 pinches)

garlic (1 teaspoon)

cheese ( 1 large pinch)

pepper ( a few shakes)

butter (enough)

I wish I could say that I was all fancy with aprons and Paula Dean twang as a darted throughout a southern  kitchen in the Middle East, but it didn’t happen. These were exactly leftover ish, I was exactly tired, I mixed it all, and it came out grand.

Like pigs in a blanket grand; minus the pig.

The fanciest thing I did was sauté the mushrooms and green beans with smokewood pepper and butter; the best thing ever.

And genius.

So, that’s it folks; my Pinterest inspired Low Country Grits without the hog which makes this meal, Meatless Monday Certified.

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