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Monreale Cathedral Sicily

By November 21, 2016November 21st, 2018Travel + Culture

Monreale Cathedral Sicily

Monreale Cathedral Sicily Reginia Cordell


Cathedral Monreale is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in all of Italy. The mosaics are made of pure gold and it’s detailing is said to be unmatched. The Cathedral Monreale is one of the most visited cathedrals in Western Europe. It is located just outside of metropolitan Palermo, on the island of Sicily. It’s draw is its Norman Architecture and spectacular exterior views. It is a magnificent religious and architectural statement piece that is the center of tourist’s interests. This bold structure was built by William II, also known as William the Good, in contrasts of his father’s wishes. He sought to build a building larger and separate cathedral than those within the family wealth. It is told that he appointed his own Archbishop and self appointing as the royal pantheon.

The design of the cathedral does not reflect the traditional European Byzantine.


Monreale Cathedral

Inside the cathedral

Inside the Monreale Cathedral

long view of the alter

at the alter

Monreale Sicily Reginia Cordell 2


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