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Mo’s in City Walk Dubai

By May 2, 2014March 20th, 2020Travel + Culture

Mo’s in City Walk Dubai

A hankering for good food always leads Habibti and I to Dubai.

City Walk Dubai _ Poised in Print

During this trek, we found our way to City Walk Dubai, a casual entertainment development just past downtown Dubai in the Jumeriah area. I was led to City Walk Dubai and Mo’s by a few social media accounts that post the most engaging photographs. So, the more I saw, the temptation to get there intensified.

Upon arrival, City Walk Dubai was everything I imagined it would be; contemporary and casual with a hint of traditional aesthetic charm. I instantly liked the area because it reminded me of Atlanta or places around DC.

Parking was simple enough because we came on a Friday afternoon when things around the emirate are pretty low key.

Because Habibti and I were starved, we skipped the walk around the development and headed straight to Mo’s.

City Walk Dubai _ Poised in Print 2

City Walk Dubai _ Poised in Print 3

Mo’s was easy to find as City Walk isn’t a large development. Mo’s is situated near the fountains and Hummingbird Bakery. The weather was exceptional and most of the diners sat on the patio. The outdoor space was full and with smokers, so Habibti and I sat lonely inside.

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Mo's CityWalk Dubai _ Poised in Print 3

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The indoor emptiness didn’t phase us at all. We came to dine, and dine we did.

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I couldn’t wait to dig into all of my American favorites like hot wings, meatloaf, and club sandwiches.

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The buffalo wings were perfect. The flavors were identical to my hometown favorites. There was just enough “kick” within the savory sauce that pleased my need for an American bite. I could have stopped my meal here because the wings were so satisfying. However, I noticed that Mo’s offered meatloaf, my absolute favorite, I had to see if they knew how to make this hometown spread.

Mo's CityWalk Dubai _ Poised in Print 9

I must admit that I had mixed feelings when they brought out the plated meatloaf. I was pleased that it had a tomato based sauce which meant that it would have the rich flavor that I loved. The slice of loaf looked small or my huge appetite wanted something massive, either way, I could have enjoyed another slice. Most importantly, the taste was sensational and the meat was tender. In addition, the side of potatoes were superb. I haven’t had the perfect blend of garlic and butter atop of a special treat in quite some time. Oh my goodness, the potatoes mixed with bites of meatloaf were heavenly. This entree could be better plated and fulfilling with a green vegetable such a beans, spouts, or peas.

This dish comes recommended for those who want a bit of American flavors and hometown comfort.

Mo's CityWalk Dubai _ Poised in Print 10

Habibti enjoyed the club sandwich. When we dine at American or “western” restaurants, he usually orders something simple as local or ethnic cuisines are his favorites. He adores coleslaw after I introduced it to him early in our courtship. Now, anytime a restaurant has it, he orders. He was quite pleased with the flavor and it paired well the sandwich. I took a tiny bite and it was delightful as well.

Mo's CityWalk Dubai _ Poised in Print 11

Of course, no meal in the UAE can be complete without finishing tea. I flavored mine with a hint of sugar and lemon, while Habibti brewed his a bit longer for a rich Middle Eastern Flavor with a touch of natural honey flavor.

I can’t praise Mo’s enough. It’s my go to place when America seems to far away. It’s the place that I can connect with home while enjoying the fruits of my labor in the UAE.

One recommendation is server training. A few of the servers stood around while two male servers worked both the inside and outside areas. This caused slower than normal service and could have created agitation among diners.“Mo’s CityWalk Dubai” “Mo’s American Food” “American Food in Dubai” “expats in Dubai”

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