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Mugg & Bean; A Restaurant Review

By September 30, 2013March 30th, 2020Travel + Culture
Mugg & Bean – Mushrif Mall
Because I’ve yet to buy blackout curtains, Mr. Sunshine greets me each day, bright and earlier with his generous smile. He blesses my apartment with bright rays and encourages me to get my day started at 6 AM. I can’t deny his hustle and smile, only to embrace his natural efforts with a slow-full trudge to greatness; morning coffee.

It’s been about 11 years since I fell in love with coffee and I’ve only gone a few days without it since then. To feed my desires, I’ve enjoyed trying new coffee shops throughout Abu Dhabi.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I made our way to Mushrif Mall to enjoy a bit of scenery, grab some munchies, and enjoy a flavorful brew. Our destination of choice was Mugg & Bean.


We arrived a little before nine in an effort to get decent seating, avoid the rush, and dine in the calm. As with many restaurants, the later it gets, the crowds are larger and louder, particularly here with an abundance of children.
This was my first time at Mugg & Bean so I took a second to check the coffee selections and decided on an Americano with milk.
My friend frequents the shop because she loves the “local scenery”.



During our coffee and conversation, we decided that a bite to eat was immediately warranted. As hard as it is in most places, I try to select something that’s low in carbs and sodium; which is very hard to do. However, I picked the 3-egg omelet with beef and mushrooms.


I really enjoyed my selection. It was a bit different than normal as the omelet was flat and open. I’ve had a few like this since being here. The flat open display changes the texture and taste slightly from the normal folded omelet; so I doctored properly.
As a good southern girl does, I added splashes of ketchup and was good to go. Perfection! I’d definitely have this selection again.
My friend selected:
We call them fries, they call them breakfast potatoes.


Soft fried eggs over wheat toast, beef bacon, and a grilled tomato.
My friend enjoyed her breakfast and the restaurant.
Overall, it was a good experience: the service was excellent, food was as expected, and a nice strong brew.

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