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Nando’s Low Carb Meal Ideas

By September 8, 2014March 11th, 2020Travel + Culture

Nando’s Low Carb Meal Ideas

Being on a diet, or lifestyle plan as it’s modernly referred, is a personal challenge. Because dining out is one of my favorite social activities, it is something that I do 2 to 3 times per week. When I’m not with Habibti or friends, I actually enjoy dining out alone as well.

When you’re dieting, either calorie counting or carb counting, restaurant choices can be daunting. With super-sized portions and tons of tempting, delicious options, a dieter can become overwhelmed. With Nando’s, you can feel confident in making healthy choices without losing flavors you crave.Nando’s is an excellent choice for satisfying your desire to have both good food and staying on plan.

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My first time seeing Nando’s was during my trip to Australia, Melbourne specifically. Though we didn’t dine there, it was definitely on a radar for places to try. Weeks later, back in Abu Dhabi, Nando’s appeared again. It must have been a sign and a good one it was.

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My friend ordered the Nando’s wings with mixed flavors that included lemon, mild, and fire. Along with the wings were a sides of spinach and rice. Because we’re both watching carbs, we opted for spinach and half of the rice.


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I had the dish above; the chicken skewers. The flame broiled skewers were absolutely divine I typical dislike thigh meat, but the flavoring along with the pairing with onions then slow roasted to perfection made me one happy gal. I was really pleased with the taste, the portion, and the service. I was hesitant because I thought the chicken would be too spicy or just another chain restaurant, but Nando’s proved to be a different dining experience.


Nando’s is a worldwide establishment. We visited Nando’s in the World Trade Center Abu Dhabi adjacent to the famous Central Souq. This location has gorgeous outdoor seating, perfect for the cool temperatures during the winter months.

Have you ever had dined at Nando’s?

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