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Noodle House; Flavors of Southeast Asia

By April 11, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

There’s nothing more luxe in Abu Dhabi than looking over the canal with the iconic Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the background. The unbelievable views easily create the perfect ambiance with a hint of romance or coziness with friends. Dining at The Noodle House offers a great escape from  a week’s worth of stress. Delve into luxe at Souk Qaryat Al Beri to be moved by the robust flavors of Southeast Asia and gorgeous backdrops at The Noodle House Abu Dhabi.

The Spread

The Noodle House

The beginning


Chicken Siew Mai.

Chicken Siew Maw is a steamed wonton stuffed with lightly seasoned chicken and served with hot chili bean sauce.



Indonesian Nasi Goreng

Indonesian Nasi Goreng is a profusion of foods: chicken satay, prawns, prawn crackers, and sunny fried egg over vegetable fried rice, that bring into existence one entrée with an array of flavors.



Black Pepper Beef

Black Pepper Beef is an entrée of savory beef tenderloins, capsicums, onion, then infused with aromatic black pepper sauce.


The overall dining experience was quite pleasurable. The interior décor reflects the charm of southeast Asia with its rich mahoganies, deep hues of red and black, authentic lighting, with deep aromas floating throughout. Because it was such a lovely day, we initially decided to enjoy the warm weather and views just beyond the patio. However, that was very short lived. New patrons entered, they lit and blew; in other words, smoking is allowed on the patio. For the both of us, this was a huge no-go as well as a turn off, so we headed inside. The interior was quite empty during this time so we had our choice of seats.


However, due to the style of seating, versus the outside, comfort was limited. The bench seating was uninviting and uncomfortable. We trudged through and were more than pleased that we did. From the moment we sat down, well technically the moment we sat down indoors, our interests were aroused and the gastronomic tensions grew. The wait for the food was a bit better than 20 minutes. This seemed a little long based on the number of people in the restaurant. There may have been about six occupied tables. The slow-ish service also caused our appetizer to arrive at the same time as our entrée. We would have preferred to enjoy them separately. Though the service was a bit below par, the presentation and flavor of the food were exceptional. The steamed wontons were moist, the beef was perfectly seasoned, and by the lack of conversation from Habibi once the food arrived, it can be deduced that his food made the cut as well. I often worry about Habibi’s likings because he can be quite a picky eater.

The Noodle House came highly recommended by one of my colleagues as she frequents the area due to the multiple restaurants and Starbucks within the souk.

Overall: Service; below par, Food; exceptional, atmosphere; average because of interior seating and smoking.

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