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November is Novel Writing and Blog Posting Month

By November 1, 2016November 1st, 2017Blog + Business

November is novel writing and blog posting month. #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo are annual events used to encourage authors and blogger to push out 50K words or better towards their titles. While many of us work diligently on our titles and posts daily, this month supports a keen focus to our writing goals. Additionally, many authors use this time to engage readers through daily blog posts, micro-blogging, or thought-provoking social media shares. This critical time is prime opportunity for independent authors to employ creativity and consistency to build audiences and attract new readers.

If you’re unsure about topics for discussion, below is a list of 30 blog or social media topics for Novel Writing Month. Be sure to use and search hashtags #NaNoWriMo #NaBloPoMo #bloglikecrazy


Authors and Bloggers

  • “About Me”. Sharing personal items about yourself that will connect with your readers. (ie. favorite food, music, travels)
  • Explain your niche and why you selected it
  • Explain your views on topics found in your book or blog (ie. if you or your characters are in a specific city, share current events or moods of that location).
  • family antidotes or photos
  • commentary on current events
  • Book review or critique
  • Conduct a readers’ survey on what they want next from you
  • Micro-blogging, question of the day or response challenge
  • Photos of your workspace with explanations of the current mood
  • Outline of your day


  • Live stream an issue found in one of your books
  • Identify an issue found in your book, connect it to a current event, then solve the problem
  • Ask readers to share one of their favorite moments within one of your books
  • Discuss the biggest issue facing one of your main characters
  • Discuss issues found within the setting
  • Explain your inspiration for character development
  • Share which character that you absolutely loathed.
  • Share a time that you’ve created an ideal character or situation that you’ve longed for
  • Introduce a new cover
  • Discuss topics that you won’t cover and why


  • Create a holiday gift guide with affiliate links
  • Create a photo essay of your travels or current events
  • Discuss how political events impacts blogging
  • Intro your readers to other bloggers in your niche
  • Interview other bloggers or leader within your niche
  • Pen a post “off brand” to show diversity
  • Complete all sponsored campaigns
  • Live stream your blogging process
  • Holiday tips
  • Preparing for the new year
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