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5 Free Ways to Offer Information and Value to Your Online Community

By February 10, 2020April 12th, 2020Blog + Business

Before anyone buys your product or services, engage with valuable free information.

Free Information Online

Small Beginnings

Building an online business is a tangible goal in 2020. Where there’s a computer or smartphone, access to the internet, and a workable idea, a profitable business can certainly follow. However, there is a process. A process that requires solid foundations and humble beginnings in order to begin without debt, progress with no accumulation of debt, and seeding the grounds for high profit margins is a goal for many who want to earn additional income or transition out of their current careers. There are ordered steps for creating an online businesses including customer acquisition.

Creating interest in your online business involves multiple behaviors. Firstly, you’ll need a plausible idea. From there, you’ll execute all of the business basics. Primarily, you’ll have a website, social media accounts, and a method to manage opt-in email interests.

5 Ways to Offer Valuable Free Information to Your Subscribers

Blog Posts

Creating content for your blog is an excellent way to provide information and value to your online community. High performing blog posts are those that contain evergreen content. This type of content performs well because it answers a specific question within a specific niche. It expands beyond general knowledge and delves further into the mechanics of the topic that you want to explore. Because blog posts are static, they are not consistently competing with the flexible algorithm found within social media platforms. When penned and positioned with purpose, blog posts rank well within Google searches thus driving more traffic to your website.

When creating content for your blog, think critically about the topics of each post and how those posts will serve your audience. Your goal, as an infopreneur, should be to concisely answer top questions about your niche or industry.

YouTube Videos

Video content is the fasting growing digital information medium. Youtube videos are an excellent way to extend or repurpose content from your blog. Youtube is a divine, grand search engine. Users come to this platform seeking answers. Strategically titled videos with enticing thumbnails prompts new users to engage with your content. Youtube is a free to use, free to engage, and open to share valuable content.


In 2019, Apple listed over 550, ooo podcasts. Podcasts, like Youtube videos, are excellent for repurposing blog content or furthering discussed points. Users can engage with podcasts on the go. An added bonus for podcasts are podcast groups. Podcast groups as used to bring listeners together for group discussions. Within the group, podcasts and listeners can share additional information about the topics presented.

Email Community

Intimate conversations begin with a single email. One of the greatest free resources, if you’re using beginner Mailchimp, is building an email community. A newsletter or email communication offers opportunities to share exclusive information as well as take interested parties from information consumption to buyer. Data offered through this method of free information lends insight about your user. If you have not created an email list, create a free opt in today.

Social Media Posts

Engaging with followers on social media is gold. It’s a way to highlight who you are, what you offer, and the benefits to the interested parties. Social media allows specific curation which targets specific groups. With use of high quality images, quotes, and hashtags paired the IGTV, social media is a phenomenal way to offer free information that underscores your authority on specific topics.

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