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Only 24 Hours in Dubai, Here’s What You Must Do!

By July 21, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

Only 24 Hours in Dubai

Traveling to and throughout the Middle East has become increasingly popular within the last 5 years. Many are finding affordable options to pair time in the Middle East with other travels to the far east, thus leaving only 24 hours in Dubai.

Twenty-four hours in Dubai, who does that?

Oh so many! I’ve gotten tons of questions via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram asking, “Hey Reginia, we’re stopping through Dubai on our way to XXX, what can we do?”. So instead of typing the same thing over and over again, and possibly missing a few steps along the way, Christmas just came early for my travelers with only 24 Hours in Dubai.

Keep in mind that Dubai is a bustling city. It is a major international hub, millions of people travel here, and it’s a major city with major city things, like people and traffic. Therefore, some of your 24 hours will be spent navigating passport control and traffic in the city, no worries though, this list is going to give you what you need, and have you booking your next trip to Dubai to get more.

Here’s what you must do with only 24 hours in Dubai:

1. The Burj Khalifa

No one comes to Dubai without seeing the Burj Khalifa. It’s the world’s tallest building and a beacon for the city. Accessing the Burj Khalifa is quite easy by taxi or RTA (Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Stop). Unless you book in advance, chances of going up are slim, so grab that reservation before you go.

2. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum offers a view into the Emirati History and Culture. It shows the humble beginnings of the United Arab Emirates and walks you through the Bedouin lifestyle, pearl fishing, discovery of oil, and creating the international culture that Dubai is today.

Things to do in Dubai_2


3. Old Town Dubai

Old town Dubai is my favorite part of the city. It’s gives an electric pulse like no other. There are a ton of sites, scents, sounds, and fever that’s quite the opposite of “new Dubai”. In Old Town Dubai, there’s the 1 dirham boat ride to the other side of Diera Creek where you will find the Gold Souk and several options for local purchases. On the other side of the of Diera Creek is the Old Souk where you’ll have to sharpen your haggling skills to score big.

Things to do in Dubai_3

Things to do in Dubai _ 4


Things to do in Dubai_5

4. Dubai Marina

Gorgeous is the term to properly describe Dubai Marina. Day or night, the marina is just stunning. If you want to walk along the boardwalk, grab a bite to eat, or take an hour cruise on a yacht, Dubai Marina is a must see when visiting Dubai.

Dubai Marina

5. The Burj Al Arab

Lounging in a 7-star hotel is not an everyday occurrence, so make sure a visit to Burj Al Arab┬áis a stop on your whirl through Dubai. Here, you can catch high-tea, a slew a luxury, and the finest pampering that you’ve ever experienced. While in the area, also visit the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Burj Al Arab


If timing is right, I suggest the Big Bus Tour as all of these things are on the routes offered. If not, check out the RTA Schedule or hop in the nearest taxi.

As a bonus, and if you want to test your luck against time and traffic, take Sheikh Zayad Road into Abu Dhabi to visit Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque. Without traffic, the total time for the trip is 4 hours; approximately 1.5 each way (without traffic or accidents) and about an hour in the mosque.

Only 24 Hours in Dubai, this is what you must do!


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