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Why Are People Paying for Free Information From Google?

You’ve seen the gurus, coaches, solopreneurers, and content strategists online…..

They’re showing up in your social media newsfeeds fasters than Donald Trump’s “fake news” claims. They’s sliding down your timeline with course bundles that will lead you away from the 9-5 shackles and plantation. They’re serving tears of hope to quench your thirst to add more coins to your bottomline and promoting that you must do better, and be better.

They’re profiting off your strong desire to transition out of the rat race and will to have a “new year, new me”. They want you to invest yourself and walk in your purpose.

…and that’s all well and good.

but why are you offering me free Google information for $29.99 for seven-hundred weeks when most people can conduct a simple Google search to get what you’re pushing.

Google searches

My feelings on this matter are twofold:

Many services that we indulge in like Uber, Amazon, Instacart, etc are for convenience. Many of us, we can drive where ever we want, when we want, but paid services like Lyft and Uber provide convenience. By using services like Uber, we either dodge driving long distances, excessive parking fees, or simply have the desire to be driven instead of driving. It’s similar to some of the lower level services offered by digital marketers. I agree, a lot of the information sold, can be found with a Google search. However, the differences between those Google searches and packaged information are the amount of time saved and confirmation on strategies that work.

Here’s where I’m conflicted and challenge individuals who rehash information without personalizing it; it’s fraudulent, lazy, and irresponsible. Leading people, who are often coming to you in desperation, down paths that claim “guaranteed success” is predatory.

So, in short, people pay for information that can be found in a simple Google search because they want to save time, frustration, and have some clarity on the information found while having someone or a community to engage with. They want this information to be easy to follow, informative, and rich with gems. This is why they paid. It is your duty to provide this in your paid bundle.

Dear future business owners,

Be mindful and critical of online coaches and gurus. Fact check, shop around, and best wishes in your business endeavors.

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