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Pies & Coffee | Singapore

By February 23, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


At home or on the road, getting my day started with a hearty breakfast is essential.

Believe it, I am one cranky girl if I’m hungry. All types of grumpiness makes its way to the forefront; eye rolls, complaining, and tons of sighs. So, to avoid all of that, breakfast is #1, well after a shower of course.


I wanted to catch something close to our AirBnB location but most of the restaurants didn’t open until 11 or so, so I took a taxi over to an attractive commercial development called Robertson Walk.


Robertson Walk is filled with all types of restaurant options but at that time of morning only a few places were offering breakfast. So, the pickings were slim. I soon happened upon this little number called Pies & Coffee. It was the coffee shop appeal and the lovely aroma that made me stop in.


I gazed at all of the menu options and proceeded to the counter. Like Sydney, many restaurants request that you order at the counter, pay, then find seating. If time permits, they will bring the food over, if not, you must pick it up at the counter.

I finally decided on the Wagyu Beef Pie and a side of eggs. I don’t think the options quite matched, but what the hell, I was on vacation and I wanted breakfast with a hankering for eggs. My colleague had joined me by then and made her order as well. She fancied Clam Chowder Soup with a side salad.




The restaurant selection was spot on. We were both very pleased with our meals. The Wagyu Beef Pie reminded me of my time in Australia with hints of home. The entree puts you in the mind of Sheppard’s Pie married to quiche. The flavor was rich but not over powering. The serving size left you full but not quite stuff. The Clam Chowder had actual clams inside. How awesome is that! My colleague savored each drip of the soup and didn’t say much thereafter. Let’s assume she was satisfied because she nodded off in the taxi soon after.

The meal set us back about $20 Singaporean Dollars which is about the same as the US Dollar.


Pies & Coffee is one of those darling restaurants that you can count on for a solid meal. Their offerings are plentiful with selections for breakfast, lunch, or a treat. If I happen to relocate to Singapore within the coming months, cross your fingers, I will make Pies & Coffee a staple among my restaurant circle.

I visited the Pies & Coffee location in Robertson Walk. Robertson Walk is a commercial area inside of Robertson Quay (pronounced key). It’s home to a gorgeous walking trail along the river, numerous restaurants, and upscale condominiums and hotels.

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