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Data Collection

Data collected by this website are for statistical purposes to better under frequent users and their needs. The information is used to tailor content based on interest and demographics. Voluntary data is collected through intake forms, emails, surveys, direct messages, and contact forms. By participating and using this site, some of your comments may be used at later dates and are not subject to any compensation from Reginia Cordell.

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Specifically, this is an entertainment, informational, and for profit entity. This website contains sponsored posts, products, paid services, and affiliate links. Posts, except noted guest posts, are my personal, unbiased opinion or experience, and not influenced by sponsorship and affiliation.

The Editor’s Note is explicitly associated with the social media personality, Reginia Cordell. Any opinion shared by Reginia Cordell is not in association with any person or organization.

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There are no refunds on any digital products. All digital products are available for a single download and may be not shared or sold.

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Guest posts

Guest posts are rarely accepted. Guest posts must aligned with the current target audience and serve a specific need.

Effective January 1, 2019 and may update without notice.

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