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Presenting Author Tamara Woods

By November 22, 2014March 10th, 2020Archives

Presenting Author Tamara Woods

Author Tamara Woods

For new readers new to Tamara Woods’ projects, give us a little about your background.

I’m a writer living in Hawai’i originally from West Virginia. My educational background is in journalism, but I knew I didn’t want to work at a daily newspaper. I write poetry, short stories and I’m currently working on my first fiction novel. I have a blog: where I showcase some of work. I’m a freelance writer and my work can be found on various sites on the Internet. I also have a YouTube channel where I make videos about writing, readings of my poetry and the occasional video of the island.

How would you describe the genre of your work?

My first book is a collection of poetry called: The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman, which examines the trope of the African-American woman always being angry. The novel I’m currently working on is a young adult dystopian fantasy set in a future where knowledge is guarded with brute force.

What has been your favorite project thus far?

My favorite project is one that’s still ongoing. I helped to create the Morgantown Poets, which is a community poetry group that meets monthly in Morgantown, WV. There is a featured author each month and then the floor is opened up to the poets in the audience. It’s a wonderful time of sharing ideas and supporting the arts.

What’s your favorite source of inspiration for writing?

I don’t have a favorite go-to for inspiration. When something connects with my emotions in that certain way: whether it’s a news story, a melody from a song or the sound of a baby crying, then my pen takes on its own accord.

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Tell us about your first writing piece:

I wrote my first short story when I was in the fourth grade. It was about a poor farming family that found a ring that was the key to a long lost treasure. I’m not sure why I chose farmers. I don’t think I’d even met a farmer before.

Do you think new authors have an advantage with using social media for marketing?

That is probably our only advantage. There are so many people who are writing, publishing and trying to sell their work. There’s a lot of noise out there for the reader to sift through. A new author who has developed strong social media support can have an immediate touchstone with her readers, something the writers of old certainly didn’t have.

How have you used social media to give steam to your projects?

I try to include my readers in my process. Whether it’s inviting them to join my #writestuff TweetChat on Tuesdays at 9 pm Eastern, or giving the playlist that goes along with the novel. I of course want them to know about the projects I’m doing, but I also want to give them useful information other: like articles that could help improve writing, interesting author quotes or a funny meme. I want to give more than just myself.

What’s next for Tamara Woods?

Starting the beginning of December I’ll be selling a series of short stories that will be coming out monthly, so that should be a fun event. The stories will interconnect. I’m also working on a collection of short stories and poetry for 2015. The next few months I’ll be writing and then editing (and probably editing some more) this new novel, tentatively called “The Map.”


Be sure to follow Author Tamara Woods on Twitter @penpaperpad and tune into to the weekly chats each Tuesday starting at 9pm EST using hashtag #writestuff. In honor of reaching a social media milestone, Author Tamara Woods is giving  away a signed copy of “The Shaping of an Angry Black Woman”. Use the tool below to enter. Good luck and read on.

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