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Radisson Blu in Downtown Dubai

By November 6, 2013March 29th, 2020Travel + Culture
Dubai is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world.

Its presentation of luxury and extreme engages travelers to spend top dollar to see a slew of “the world’s biggest” with their very own eyes. Planning a trip to this world class city is as exciting as it is overwhelming. There are a host of attractions such as Dhow Cruises, Global Village, The Dubai Mall, the dancing fountains, and ultimately the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
When my mom came to visit, I wanted her to experience all of these things in addition to the other emirates in the UAE. So, as a part of our sightseeing whirlwind, we made a trek to Dubai from Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi and Dubai are just over an hour apart but after a day of seeing the city, the drive back can be daunting. Therefore, we stayed over in the Radisson Blu Hotel – Downtown Dubai.
I selected this hotel because it’s near the main attractions without the hefty price of my beloved favorite across the street. It found a deal on a discount travel site, booked our room and we headed to fun city.
The first obstacle was the construction which is no fault of Radisson. However, the description of the location did prove to be a challenge.
Once we finally arrived after 30 minutes of trying to find the entrance, we checked-in and went to the room to freshen up.
And this is what happened…
The initial impression was OK. The room was too cramped for my tastes and I expected better because of the location. amenities – standard, comfort – OK, but then there was this
For the life of me, I can’t understand why hotels in this area refuse to use two double beds instead of twins. WHAT GROWN person on vacation wants to sleep in a twin bed. Not me honey, NOT ME.
Then there was this….
Dirty carpets. No m’am. I was repulsed but my mom still took it in stride.
Thereafter, the internet never worked and the hotel’s IT tried to blame it on my devices. Um sir, NO. How about your signal is weak and YOU need to update the equipment.
Then there was a leak in the bathroom.
Uggh, I wanted my mother to be impressed and what we got was shanty. I am so mad at Radisson Blu for this fiasco.
There was a shining star…
The breakfast was vast and delicious.
I probably won’t ever come back to this hotel or frequent another Radisson Blu.
I spoke with the manager upon check out and he was quite friendly but that didn’t change my mind about this lackluster establishment.
Have you ever experience hotel hell?

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