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Rainforest and Plants in the City

By July 6, 2007October 16th, 2021Archives


Where have we arrived?

Are we somewhere in the rainforest because this can’t be a real city.


….Oh best friend, but it is. It’s the land of plants in suburbia.


Oh dear…

Oh best friend.


This homeowner is a lover of plants. The vegetation is plush and vibrant, but what’s wrong with this picture???


It’s too much.
There are plants EVERYWHERE. On top of all of the plant families being represented in this one yard, they are all potted.
Pots here, pots there, pots everywhere. This is in a modest neighborhood where the houses are relatively close in proximity.
Do you think the neighbors have a chance to plant any flowers of their own.
Of course they don’t.
There’s quite enough there.
For the whole neighborhood.
Ticket time.
Geez Louise, girlfriend gets 3 tickets….1 for the plethora of plants, 1 for all of the pots, and 1 for making a Rain forest in the City.
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