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By December 22, 2016April 19th, 2017Short Stories


I can’t believe I’m standing here in Ma’Dear’s mirror nervous and trembling.

Monica glances at herself in the mirror for the final once over before heading out to meet Danny.

She mumbled to herself, I’ve been getting ready for this moment for a very long time.

I mean, a very long time; probably longer than anyone should.

I’m still in disbelief that in just a few moments, I’ll get to stand before him again.



It’s been 25 years since I laid eyes on him and my nerves are just as excited as the days I would stare at him in Mr. Richard’s Science Class. For two years in a row, we had both science and labs together with Mr. Richard. He’s probably the only teacher who would put up with our endless, teenaged yakking because we talked all period long. All the kids talked really and Mr. Richard would keep on teaching as if it was silent.

I can’t blame him. Kids were bad in the early 90s.

But, that’s where I met Dan. I mean really met Dan. That’s where I was introduced to the notion of a soulmate. Phil Donahue talked about soulmates on his show and so did Oprah but I really never understood what it was. But eventually, Dan’s soul told me though.

He was so much more mature than the other boys in our school. He wasn’t obsessed with football, wrestling, or walk-men, or making up break dance routines. It was like he was grown. When I looked at him, I saw a man. Not a man-man like my dad but like a young man. He was tall with an athletic type build, a low cut with waves, hazel eyes, Egyptian clay colored skin, and freckles, something I secretly obsessed over. He was also smart, soft-spoken, gentle, and kind. He had a playful smile that was punctuated by a budding mustache and full cherry lips. He smelled good too. I think he wore Cool Water or something.

We’d always played around and called each other sister and brother. But, yeah, I don’t think you’re suppose to feel like that towards your brother. Between those extended looks, the way he’d pull his chair close to mine, and leisurely rested his forearm against me, I knew he didn’t look at me like a sister either.

But at 15, living on opposite sides of town, and his girlfriend Quita, I had to play the sister role and that was kind of OK.

Just kind of.


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