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Rixos Pera | Istanbul, Turkey

By January 12, 2016April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

“Eurasia’s absolute charm is Istanbul, Turkey”. – Reginia Cordell

Istanbul Turkey

Entrance of Rixos Pera Hotel - Istanbul

After a long and exhausting flight (because of the extended layover), I was more than happy to be in Istanbul.

Due to the late arrival, I went straight to my hotel, Rixos Pera.

It’s difficult to gauge the actual travel time to Rixos Pera from the airport because Istanbul is busy; and by busy, I mean bumper to bumper traffic. Needless to say, exiting the transport van and into the gorgeous reception was a great feeling. The doormen immediately helped me out of the van, took my things, and escorted me inside out of the cold, dreary temps of the evening.

Rixos Pera Istanbul

Check in was a breeze. I absolutely adore establishments and people who pay close attention to detail. I noted on my reservation that I would arrive late, approximately after 9 pm. No problem! All of my details were in the system, documents pulled, and I was taken to my room in less than five minutes. I love efficiency, every E F F I C I E N C Y of it.

As soon as I got to my room, I unpacked my things, since I would be in the city for a few days, showered, and set in to test out the internet and room service.

Rixos Pera Istanbul

Three of my biggest points, in addition to standard 5-Star qualities, are bed/room comfort, room service, and wifi.


Five Star Hotels in Istanbul - Reginia Cordell

Exceeding typical European size rooms, the deluxe room at Rixos Pera offered ample space for one and comfortable space for two. There was great space around the bed, for luggage stowage, and to move about without bumping into furnishing, that’s definitely a plus. Some rooms in Europe can be quite a challenge when it comes to space.

The bed was just about perfect. The linens were plush, the feel and comfort were top notch. There wasn’t a time while there that I did not get a great nap or a complete night’s sleep.

Room Service at Rixos Pera Istanbul - Reginia Cordell

I believe that I ordered room service most evenings as I didn’t feel up to go to restaurants, plus room service is my thing to settle into the evening. On this evening, I attempted to be a bit healthy and ordered a steak salad. For the most part, it was pretty good, not the best steak salad that I’ve had. On other evenings, I ordered, Penne Pasta with cream sauce, Penne Pasta with tomato sauce, lamb burger, club sandwich and mixed grill. I enjoyed the penne pasta with cream sauce and the mixed grill best.

…oh and the french fries were delicious

In regards to my third point for recommendation is the wifi.

…absolutely strong

….no extra charges

….unlimited devices

I used Skype and MagicJack without any interruptions or dropped calls. Being able to communicate with my family daily while traveling is essential.


Luxury hotels in Istanbul - Reginia Cordell

Because Istanbul is the most charming cities in Eurasia, when visiting and desire luxury near the city’s center, Rixos Pera comes highly recommended.

For additional pictures, see the photos section on Facebook.

….travel on.

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