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By December 17, 2012April 1st, 2020Archives, Travel + Culture
Good morning from Rome, Italy,
If you guys follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I am having the time of my life in Rome. This city is absolutely amazing. There is so much to see and the stimulation is abundant. The city has such a romantic feeling as there are couples everywhere. After living in the Middle East for the past few months, I find such joy in people being able to openly express their admiration for one another. There are couples embracing, holding hands, and exchanging romantic energy.
In addition, the ancient architecture in the city is so dynamic. It’s amazing to see the things that I learned about in grade school come to life. All of the structures are so grand. There are tourists from every walk of life enjoying the scenery and capturing lifetime moments.
Seeing the Colosseum for the first time was breathtaking. The structure is massive. The intimate details had to have taken more than skill to create. I can’t wait to see the other landmarks and structures in the city. Because it’s so much to absorb, I don’t think I can take it all in during one visit. I will definitely be back and my Mr. is coming with me. As I said before, this is a city for lovers… and lovers we are.
I can’t wait to share my views from Day 2. See you guys tomorrow.
I will be adding new photos on Instagram daily.

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