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Around the Secret Santa Water Cooler

By December 13, 2011July 26th, 2021Short Stories
Oh Ye Secret Santa
It’s that time of year again and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
You know what that means, those of us with traditional 9-5’s are bound by the rules of politically correct office engagement and must commit to a bit of Christmas affliction.
Picture it, your office 2011, and little Miss Patty Polly Anna rolls around, with her chipper self, with a Santa hat full of names. You see her out the corner of your eye and begin to scatter to look busy. Oh no, that’s not going to deter little Miss Patty Polly Anna, she heads to your cube anyway.
“Christmas Champ” for Target
Miss Patty Polly Anna, “It’s that time of year, let’s spread some office cheer”.
You, “Aww Patty”
Miss Patty Polly Anna, “Come on, it’s fun, it’ll put a wiggly in your tiggly”.
You reluctantly grab a name out the wretched Santa hat and see that you’ve pulled Betty Back Stabber’s name.
So now, you’re stuck participating in Patty Polly Anna’s annual foolery, you’ve drawn Betty’s name, you hate her and it’s all going to come to a head starting Monday.
Well, you have two options; participate or not (don’t forget you still have THAT name).
From my point of view, I absolutely loathe the Secret Santa exchange. No one ever follows the rules. People get what they want to get you without following the guidelines on the questionnaire. The gifts are always re-gifted from 1923 and it usually smells of smoke and pets. One year I got fuzzy socks and leaky Bath & Body Works. Everybody knows that I am NOT a fuzzy sock kind of girl.
Do you participate in the Secret Santa exchange at your place of employment? Is it any way to make this event pleasurable for all?
Tell us what you think.

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