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Serena Hotel Zanzibar

By August 11, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


Hello there peeps and peepettes,

I’m back from by dash through Zanzibar, Tanzania and still basking in all of the greatness there was. I hadn’t been blown away by a destination since my time in Sri Lanka and recently, the Maldives. Like Sri Lanka, the people in Zanzibar were just too kind and had the kinship of family. In addition to their warm hospitality were the beautiful scenes throughout the island.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to stay at two wonderful hotels: one a privately own lodge in the city of Bububu, and the gorgeous Serena Hotel Zanzibar in the heart of Stonetown.

First Impressions:

Absolutely stunning.

Impressive even.

I arrived to Serena Hotel Zanzibar, a bit late in the afternoon via private driver as arranged by Coco Tours and Safaris. I was immediately greeted by the friendliest doorman named Solimein. Solimein reminded me a lot of one of my uncles. He was spirited and kind with one of the best smiles in Zanzibar. Throughout my stay, he was there to assist. I’d secretly hoped he didn’t have a day off during my stay because he was just that nice and full of information.

Serena Hotel Zanzibar _ 3


The security officer was all to kind as well, I just think he didn’t want in on the photo.

The Grounds

Creating an oasis can be hard when you’re in the heart of the city. However, Serena Hotel Zanzibar rose to the occasion and planned the perfect juxtaposition of urban relaxation.

Serena Hotel Zanzibar - 4



The interior of Serena Hotel Zanzibar was warm and attractive. The decor was indicative of African elegance with touches of tradition; hand-crafted detailing within rich woods. The depth of colors held royal opulence and sophistication.

Serena Hotel Zanzibar - 5

The Room

Room 22 was everything that I could ask for. I had the most amazing view of the sea. Each night I captured majestic sunsets.The wrap-around porch provided great views of the beach with all of the local activity that comes with it. The bed was comfortable. It was outfitted with the standard mosquito netting, which I found very useful, smooth linens, and simple aesthetic touches. The gorgeous wood detailing was continued throughout the room.

The room also included two closets, nightstands, serving table, mini-bar, television, strong internet, dressing table/desk, modern bathroom with Frangi Toiletries.







My experiences at Serena Hotel Zanzibar were phenomenal. I can be a picky traveler and easily ruffled. The only complaint that I have is that I couldn’t stay longer and have more Spaghetti Bolognese. I probably ordered that at least four of the nights I was there along with the passion fruit juice. The breakfast options were also vast and flavorful.

I would absolutely stay at Serena Hotel Zanzibar again. Serena Hotel is one of the most impressive hotels in Zanzibar.

During high season, the room rate averages about $400-$450 a night.


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