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Even McDonald’s Have a Dress Code

By September 12, 2016April 20th, 2017Editor's Note

It seems that professional dress is a thing of the past. As “boomers” retire and Gen X’s settle into middle age, professional dress is dying out.



When the picture of the sexy GA teacher first crossed my newsfeed, my first thought was “No, ma’am”. Before clicking the link and seeing other questionable photos, I had a feeling that this story had to be out of Atlanta because it had the “look at me I want to be a star” feel.

Low and behold, my feelings were correct. You see, during my time in Atlanta, I saw a lot of what Ms. Patrice “Tricey” Brown put on display; sexiness in the classroom. Outside of the infamous cheating scandal, Atlanta Public Schools and the surrounding school districts are places where casual hook-ups are frequent and inappropriate relationships are forged. I’m not saying that’s what this women was into, but based on my experiences, it looked like it.

Additionally, before I delve into this matter, body-positive enthusiasts, feminists, and those who don’t have a clue as to what professionalism is, be informed, the criticism is of the clothing choices and the need to use the classroom to juxtapose sexiness.  There are a good amount of teachers who use social media as a means to display their fashions and most don’t look like they’re heading to the nightclub.

So let’s be abundantly clear, adding criticism about this teacher’s dress is not:

  • policing her body
  • sexualizing her
  • being jealous

It’s comical yet depressing that there are so many individuals who praise this type of dress in the workplace; an elementary school nonetheless.

professional-attire-does-not-includeA few more notes, and I’ll take a step from my soapbox. Being a young teacher is tough. Balancing the professional and social realms are often difficult. This budding professional has been failed by two very important roles that impact her craft; the school administrators and elders. As a school administrator, one of your duties is teacher management which includes professional dress. With the number of sexy photos on this Instagram page, this was an on-going habit of Ms. Brown, therefore her “fashions” went unchecked. Secondly, the elders in her life did not emphasize the importance of understanding professionalism which also includes aligning dress to your role. No one is saying that she has to look like a Catholic School Teacher but looking like the leading lady from Strokers isn’t quite it either. In the state of Georgia, each certified educator is bound by a clause in their contracts called “moral turpitude“. Moral turpitude, in short, states that your must not act a damn fool or bring shame upon the profession, or your may face tribunal. Moral turpitude is there, rarely enforced or communicated, but please believe, in times like this, it will surface. Educators be informed.

Teaching is an earned profession, with such, dressing professionally is apart of the code.

Patrice “Tricey” Brown  (Paris Monroe) seems to have priorities other than student achievement and performance. My concern with my fellow educator is her need to fish for compliments while using her classroom as a prop to gather social media fame. Her judgement shows immaturity, questionable self-esteem, and a lack of care for the students and the environment.

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